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[VIC] Possible shortages of Mobil PULP

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jd, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2007/10/18/2063056.htm
    Might be of use to those who only use 95 octane or higher and are planning on riding in rural areas (where sometimes a Mobil is the only servo).

  2. Happened yesterday when i went to fill up car.. Now i know why.. :grin:

    This was on the Western Ring Rd city bound.. FYI ..
  3. eh, why is there 98 permium 12 cents more yet every other servo it's only 10cents?

    Anyway, I havn't seen any issues when driving past my local mobil.
  4. My local BP has been out of unleaded 95 (use it in the car) since earlier this week - seems BP themselves don't have any.
  5. yep not even bp has it. at tonights ride meeting spot at the bp st kilda they didnt have it and went to 2 mobils and 1 other bp and they didnt have it
  6. woot for 250s that dont care wat gets poured down em :p
  7. So where is the BP refinery in Victoria??

    I think you'll find that BP servos use Shell or Mobil in Victoria.
  8. Heard about this yesterday morning on 774. Apparently the new low sulphur diesel is having bacterial problems, too, so they may be linked somehow...

    Oh well, big ups for 98!
  9. Do they? So why do I avoid Mobil & go to BP? Might be the reason my fuel filter needed changing recently? Can't win .......
  10. Thats more to do with actual servo's than any brand.
  11. Dunno, the article I posted does say that the shortages are due to "Elevated levels of particulate detected in the terminal's loading system." Fair chance some of that "particulate" might have reached servos before they found the problem.
  12. Fair e nuff :wink:
  13. All australian refineries have reciprocal agreements with the others to supply each other in states they don't have refineries. In vic shell usually supplies bp, and mobil supplies caltex. dunno about the independents. The product meets spec when it leaves the refinery, but some servos have really cruddy tanks. I suggest u don't fill up on the Western ring road...
  14. Mobil and BP premium fuels are the same, just a different colour.. :grin:

    Both from the same Mobil refinery .. Got this from a good source.. :cool: