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[VIC] Port Campbell , Sat Dec 13th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: firefling

    Overnighter to Port Campbell (along the GOR).

    The route will be
    1). BP at Waurn Ponds Geelong, 11:00am meeting
    2). Leave 11:30am for Lorne via Deans marsh
    3). Re-group Lorne and then ride the GOR to Apollo bay for lunch at the pub.
    4). Ride to ...

    ... more

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  2. I forgot to add, it's $25 for accoms :)
    Spots are filled

    It's gonna be a great weekend ride! :dance: :grin:

    Who's in (overnighter) at Ocean Park
    1. Sir Skuffy
    2. firefling
    3. Ratbag
    4. Flipper
    5. Holster
    6. Jeimbo
    7. dirtydanny
    8. Bamm Bamm
    9. Bubba CBR
    10. Noticibly F.A.T
    11. nathanshnoz
    12. wal
    13. Slow Coach
    14. ricecooker
    15. MStevo
    16. vOOdsy
    17. Ree
    18. Ree's friend
    19. PNucklehead
    20. blade
    21. "baby" blade
    22. Realm

    Those finding other accoms
    1. GreyBM
    2. Mallaby
    3. Bladewar

    Going for a spin
    NoGoAllShow (teeheehee)

    Meet points
    1. Main meet point at 11AM is here
    2. For those in SE burbs, Village Green at 9AM leaving the latest 9:30AM. Click here for Map
  3. Hey Minna

    This is going to be a great ride and I think all will agree you have picked a great place to stay - right across the road from the Beach - well done :)

    Oh, and the best part - its not far from home so I dont have to wory about the loooooong slab ride home on the fwy :LOL: :eek: :shock: :grin: :LOL:
  4. I'm looking forward to this - provided I'm not still babying the new bike and riding like a n00b by then I'll be there :D
  5. Ok, I'm in.

    Could go to my works Christmas drinks or go out on the bike. I do not want to work with some of my colleagues, now why would I want to socialise with them?
  6. Don't you worry -you'll keep :twisted: :twisted:
  7. It will be fun & I am interested to join the ride.

    Do I have to stay overnight? I live in Colac, so it's only slightly over one hour from the GOR. Also I have to be back to Geelong at 10.30 am on Sunday.

    Firefling, where do I get the whole itinenary? It leads me to a blank event page by clicking more in your message.

    I am new to the forum and to riding ( :grin: )(I will introduce myself in the newcomer section). If I go, this will be my first ever group riding.
  8. Pack the lube, mate.
  9. Hey dazzaa, you don't have to stay overnight but it is fun ;) I updated the event title to read Port Campbell Overnighter but event hasn't been approved of the update so hence it's blank.
  10. Bugger!
    Woudl love to do this ride, but busy on the Sun.
    Have a great time all.
  11. Hey Minna,

    can you put me plus 3 down as maybe's. It depends on dogs and children as to whether we can all make it.
  12. Hey Ree - you and plus three - WOW
  13. Im comin :grin:
  14. Ohhhhhh Frankie
  15. We don't want to know your sordid details!!....

    Oh...is that what you meant? Sure I'll put you down :p
  16. I'll come along, if Frankie agrees to give me a shot of his Gixer 1000.... :)

  17. Only you would come up with something like that :p :LOL:
  18. So I take it you're comin? :p
  19. is this ride open for Learners ? if so count me in for the 2 days including accommodation.. just hope the cibby 125 can keep up with you guys and i dont get left behind....
  20. Hey Adrian - I am sure it will be fine.

    It really is not a long ride to be honest. The more the merrier. :)