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Vic Police Vent

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Eddo, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Alexandra Parade Clifton Hill - numerous times on and off over the past 3 weeks plods hiding behind the shell servo fuel price sign city bound side looking for riders using the bicycle lane. This morning there were 3 plods waiting to ping riders. Most riders I see arent habitual users of the bicycle lane and tend to just zip in and out when the ways clear.

    Same thing in Flemington Rd Parkville between the Royal Childrens Hospital and the the Womens Hospital city bound. 3 cops waiting yesterday. I sought of get this as there are a large numbers of cyclists using this route. Alexandra Parade however is mostly empty of cyclists.

    Last week on the Eastern Fwy- unmarked BMW looking for filterers. Luckily I moved back into the line of traffic way before he could ping me. The galling part about this was that he was filtering himself and actually slowed nearly to a stop next to me in the traffic and 'invited me' to move in front of him back into a filtering position. Luckily I didnt and off he filtered to ping a scooter rider. As I passed there was some yelling and gesturing in my direction.

    I wonder if this a Ken Lay inspired sour g****s blitz or not a blitz at all. Perhaps he's lept into bed with the lycra boys? FFS I wish the police would just their priorities right....I mean really how many times over the past week have I seen oodles cops picking their noses and laughing with each other and seen just one rider being pinged for being in a bicycle lane?

    The thing that irks me.... I'm a friggin goody goody on the roads and I believe I have the right balance between defensive and 'offensive' riding if you know what I mean. Increased police presence on the roads is a good thing and possibly far more effective than speed cameras in my opinion.

    I suspect the blitz may soon switch over to evening peak so any riders using these routes keep a look out.
  2. Operation Halo. Where have you been, cos it's been covered here extensively...?
  3. Can't say I disagree with anything you've said, but maybe I'm just becoming conditioned to it.

    You can bet your last dollar that a part of this blitz is the 'productivity' deal that the union did with Baillieau and Lay. They know it's bullshit, we know it's bullshit. Doesn't matter.

    They haven't 'leapt into bed with the lycra boys' though - they're pinging them as well.

    This bit about an unmarked patrol 'inviting' you to filter is quite interesting. Did he actually gesture or just sit in the right place, waiting? Why do you think he was shouting and gesturing afterwards?
  4. If you want to catch fish you go to a river full of fish so if you want to catch people riding in bicycle lanes or filtering you go to where they're usually doing it hence you see them where you've seen them lately.
  5. That sounds like entrapment.
  6. Time to leave America and fly back to Oz mate.
  7. Entrapment is legal but has limitations. basically a person (i.e. the police) are not criminally responsible (i.e. can't be charged) if they're engaged in authorised operations. Also evidence procured by unlawful conduct on the part of law enforcement officers may be excluded at the discretion of the court. Or something along those lines.
  8. I remember reading somewhere - probably on this forum - that motorcycle cops are exempt from filtering laws so they can check seatbelt/mobile usage while filtering between cars
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  9. Mate, police are exempt from ALL ROAD RULES. As long as it is within the course of their duty.

    Regulation 305 of the Australian Road Rules.
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