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[VIC] Police targeting Unriders

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. From Police Media Unit today

  2. What does that mean? Can't you keep an unregistered bike?
  3. Hopefully they'll turn up the scumbag who is now enjoying Shay's TTR!

    :mad: :mad: :mad:
  4. I have it on good authority that they are more interested in hitting up modded bikes for EPA attention.
    So steer clear of the usual haunts if you got da slash pipes.
  5. Who wants to be that even on a proportional basis there are a lot more unregistered cars and unlicensed drivers than bikes and riders :evil:???
  6. So they publicly announce a 4 day blitz on unlicensed riders? So any such riders just leave the bike at home for 4 days?

    sounds like a thinly veiled excuse to harass innocent, everyday bikers to me.
  7. I am sure that there are an awful lot of such drivers, however, until they start showing up in those sort of stats, you can hardly blame the police for giving us this sort of attention.

    43 deaths in 1 year. 13% of all fatalities. 3% of all journeys. 2 weeks ago I was stopped for 45mins waiting for the air ambulance to take a rider away. The (very friendly) copper told me that last summer they had the ambulance out 6 times in one weekend for riders. 6 times in one traffic district!

    Last year on one weekend there were 4 serious accidents in one afternoon on the Black and Reefton spurs. That's 4 serious accidents in 34kms and 4hrs! If that was any other road, any other circumstance, we'd be outraged.

    We can complain about cage drivers, numbnut idiots who are too focused on their coffee, breakfast or makeup, but the sad fact is that a lot of us have a lot of very serious accidents all on our lonesome. And, apparently, 40% of those people are either riding outside their licence conditions, disqualified or have no licence at all. Those numbers, on their face value, are quite shocking.
  8. Thay aren't after the wise ones
  9. I am sure there are Paul, but a lot of unlicenced/registered riders are the ones being caught doing teh big numbers, as evidenced by the news reports.
    There have been crackdowns on drivers in this category too, and they've been announced, but probably not mentioned here due to it not being particularly relevant.
    Unlicensed vehicle operators are a big problem, not only do they not give a damn about laws and regulations, they consistently are the ones who cause the big accidents. They also cause others financial pain, as they're unisnured, and typically are from lower socio economic backgrounds, so don't have the money to pay up. I assume it is to do with the don't care about anyone/anything attitude they have.
    Get as many off the roads as we can I say!

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. "and riders who fail to obey license condition by riding a motorcycle over 260cc face a $116 fine (no demerit point loss)."

    Honestly I'm not complaining, but seriously is this a deterrent to anyone? Anyone at all?
  11. I agree; for some years I was the Pastor of that little wooden church on right hand side of the road at Wesburn. Every Sunday we would hear ambulances rushing past, then later rushing back, to accidents on the Reefton and Donna Buang roads.

    BUT, are the Police then targetting the wrong people in this latest action? If the bulk of accidents are happening on the racing roads and not among those who are 'UN' riders {how do you identify and 'UN' rider without first pulling him up :?}, then surely they should have a permanent and active presence on these roads, and not be trundling round looking for riders who, externally, are impossible to identify?
  12. Mate as mentioned before. This activity is more to do with getting unroadworthy / unregistered bikes off the road than licencing.

    If 40% (if this is a true measure) are represented in the unrider group, it means 60% are are fully complicit and are killing themselves in a greater proportion.
  13. They do Paul, they do. But then they are criticised for doing exactly that! See, they can't win, can they?

    On Foxtel they have a program on CI that follows coppers in the UK. They are all mic'd up, camera's and such. Like 'Cops' but much more detail and better produced.

    In some area's that estimate that significant numbers of drivers are either unlicensed, uninsured or disqualified. To combat this, they've introduced seizure laws similar to ours with the added bonus that they can have the vehicle signed over for crushing. Their problem is that what do you do with a driver/rider who is already banned from driving. Prison is over the top, but if you don't take them off the road, they just continue to drive.

    It's a massive problem over there as registration is just that, no coverage at all, 3rd party or otherwise. So get hit by an unlicensed, unregistered or uninsured vehicle and you're on your own.

    No easy answers are there?
  14. That 40/60 split in the original article was about serious injuries, not deaths.

    But looking deeper, that wouldn't mean that 40% are unriders. I don't think many would disagree (but here...who knows!) that the sort of people who are reckless enough to ride unlicensed or unregistered probably reflect that recklessness in the way they ride too, which would stand to reason that they would be disproportionately represented in the accident/injury statistics.

    In another recent, similar thread, I made no secret of the fact that I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with being pulled over for a couple of minutes to blow into a tube, show my licence, have them check my rego, and be on my way.

    Butz. :beer:
  15. How many of the 40% of injured 'unriders' are dirt bikers in the bush? Does this 'blitz' include them?

    Clearly not. If I had known this I probably would have done it myself!
  16. This will change with LAMS.

    If you look at the penalties in states already with it. It bears a much higher fine and points (3 I believe).
  17. Re: [VIC] Police targeting Uriders

    Yes because All road rules are about safety.
    Speed a little to create yourself some survival space around you and your done.
    Split so you don't get rear ended and if the cop wants to your done.
    Quickly lane change when some bastard merges into you and don't get a chance to indicate... and your done.

    Obaying road rules is what keeps you safe... NOT!
    Now i am not stating that disobeying road rules is safer, but i am saying that judgment is safer than pure rock solid adherance to road rules.
  18. That's not quite true you are covered by the "Motor Insurance Bureau" that's a fund for just that case, Also the minimum level of insurance in the UK covers property as well as personal injury which you need in order to register a vehicle, so your actually better protected than you are in NSW (don't know about other states)
  19. Re: [VIC] Police targeting Uriders

    So your not permitted to own an unregistered bike in victoria as it says own or use, not own and use

    can see the swat team busting open garages around victoria, "our intel shows weve got another unregistered bike hidden" "lets get em boys before he gets a blue slip
  20. I am quite happy for the police to target these guys. As they are some of the ones giving us a bad name, so get them off the road.

    I am also up for the cops to target unlicensed car drivers

    I would love for the cops to go for people doing really stupid things instead of just speed...

    I would hope that the own is a misprint, as it should then apply to car owners as well. I know of a lot of cars that are unregistered and NOT on the roads