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[VIC] Police Seeking witness to hit and run

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jdkarmch, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. From a media release put out by Vic Police Media Unit today:

    Maybe someone out there has seen the van?......

  2. What an awesome name that Media dood has ;)
  3. I think that may be a media Dood-ette.
  4. if the biker ran up the back of the van, it's the riders fault :eek: ?

    perhaps the van driver didn't hear anything, heh

    perhaps the van had something in it, that wasn't suppose to be in it, like the driver :p
  5. if someone cuts you off, then they've changed lanes improperly, and are at fault if it causes you to rear end them. one of the few cases where the person at the front of a rear end accident is at fault.
  6. Doesn't say whether it was a case of rear-ending or a case of hitting the rear side quarter panel of the van. Either way it's against the law for the van not to stop.
  7. Guys, I posted this media release here in the hope that some of you would pass the info on to other forums or friends.

    The point is - contact was made between vehicles - the van driver should have stopped. Passing the word may help find the errant van driver and perhaps it may get the message through to other drivers to be more aware of riders.

    Netrider rules say - we don't analyse the incident.......
  8. Hmmm, noting the date and time that press release came out, it has been sent from the future :!:

    Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo . . . . The Twilight Zone. :LOL:

    Maybe someone should get out to the Calder and stop it from happening? :shock: You've got half an hour. :grin:
  9. Perhaps the rider was lane splitting and the van made a lane change and the rider hit it. Who cares what happened at this stage.

  10. Some prick named Matt posted a comment in the Herald Sun under the story that all bikers should be run over. And the driver given a medal.

    Few comments from others regarding Matts heritage and resemblence to body parts.
  11. no good

    hope they get the van,im tipping the van was travelling to fast