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[VIC] Police running an operation in the Yarra Ranges Anzac Day weekend.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by zenali, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. According to ABC's twitter account: "Police running an operation focussing on motorcycle safety in the Yarra Ranges this weekend."

    Haven't heard anything else about it yet, but I bet we hear about it over the weekend.
  2. Gonna be a quiet weekend for the boys, given that rain is forecast for most of the weekend.
  3. "We will be stopping and annoying the shit out of people trying to enjoy what little time they don't spend at jobs they probably hate, because that's how we make our money. We don't give two shits about your wellbeing as long as we can tax you." is how that quote should read.
  4. Last couple of times I went over the Reefton Spur, the road was virtually empty of all traffic,
    maybe 6 bikes a 6 cars in 50 odd klms,

    But harrassing bike riders is safer than going after armed criminals, They might get injured,

  5. Dealing with real crime COSTS money. Harassing people sometimes MAKES money.

    Furthermore, from what I can tell, we should be more scared of being shot by cops than we should be of criminals.

    "Victoria Police: Shoot a Civilian, Get a Paid Vacation!"
  6. Thanks for the info, I'm heading up that way on the weekend.

    I'd better be a good boy :)
  7. Wonder if they're also running a blitz in prisons to stop people being murdered?
  8. Not like this is a surprise considering the upward spike in bike related fatalities so far this year.

    At least with the weather starting to turn nasty the fair weather riders will put their bikes away until Spring.
  9. This is not a camo cop operation, so if you're legal and playing nice I wouldn't be too worried about it. I'm sure they won't tolerate any shenanigans though.
  10. Operation Yellow Flag/Black Flag
    Operation $$$$$ for Government
  11. I was wondering how many people will be stabbed or bashed in the city this weekend ???

    Still it's all about money er ""
  12. Pull me over because:

    I'm speeding - my fault and I'll cop in on the chin
    License check - pisses me off
    Vehicle check - pisses me off
    Educate me - WTF, I'll never get to where I'm going......
  13. Yarra where?

    Does anyone still go to that booze infested area?

    I would have thought with all the alcohol flowing out of that place there would have been a more appropriate booze bus campaign. Especially on the outskirts of Boozeville.

    Cab Sav anyone? Hiccup!
  14. They won't be catching any netriders in their blitz because we obey the rules for riding, ride safely and read our netrider forums for guidance on where to ride.

    Except for those of us who had already planned a winery ride! (tic)
  15. Yarra ranges, not Yarra valley.
  16. You ride through the Yarra Valley to get to the Blacks Spur,
    Maroondah Hwy is the Yarra Valley,
  17. Yeah but...
    the operation is being conducted in the Yarra ranges. Maybe it should be conducted in the valley, but it's not.
    (So you see I was kind of agreeing with Sirwhatshisname).
  18. Actually rode through there yesterday with some of the lads (we all looked like drowned rats by the end of the ride).

    Got pulled over once for a breath test at a static site, I copped some grief for no rego sticker on my bike, another almost got defected for having too slick tires.

    Then about 15 mins later we got pulled over again later on in the hills by a lone bike cop who again mentioned that some of our tires were too slick (he was alright though just warned us - assumed we had -some- knowledge of what we were doing).

    I doubt they got many numbers for the day though.
  19. I rode up to Warburton this morning and as I was leaving there were 2 marked & 1 unmarked bikes just before Warburton with one guy pulled over. They had obviously waved him across from the other side of the road as his bike was facing out of town but they were on the inbound side. Saw the officer making a gesture that he should have motorcycle boots and pants on as he appeared to only have on work boots or runners and jeans.
    Got into Yarra Junction & there was another marked and one unmarked waiting there just after the lights with a group of around 8 bikes.
    They probably would have got a lot as I saw quite a few groups of riders on my way back at around lunchtime.

    BTW, roads were in good condition considering the rain we have had in the last few days.

  20. Another pleasant day in the ranges then!

    We went for a short ride to Port Douglas this morning. Got to Rex's Lookout for Lizzy to stretch her legs (she doesn't pillion on the Tuono often) and there were 3 police cars and 4 officers there. And we heard one radio down to another down the hill as some Harley riders were going past. So that's at least 5 police in a 1km stretch of road. Mostly just chatting and they certainly didn't need that many people (1, perhaps 2 cars would have served the same purpose). We decided that we couldn't be bothered going to PD just to potentially cop a stop either down the hill or on the way back. Turned round and went home.

    Congratulations to the QLD Police Service for their efficient law enforcement efforts today. I am sure that the fine traders in PD appreciate your work.