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[VIC] Police operation over the long weekend

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. The Community Policing and Education Programme seems to be going OK and in the way it was intended to.

    Apart from the crap grammar

    ONE speeding ticket!

    16 Motor Bike police riders conducted three day operation called Operation Yellow Flag/Black Flag on the Great Ocean Road to coincide with operation Aegis.

    Even though it was inclement weather police were able to positively engage with the riding community regarding motor cycle safety and with a larger number of drivers again regarding driver behaviour and how this effect motor cycle safety.

    The Stats are.

    206 motor cycle riders spoken to about motor cycle safety with only 14 booked for various offences including speeding and licence offences. Only one rider was detected for a speeding offence.

    694 drivers where also spoken to about motor cycle safety with 66 drivers booked far various offences including speeding as the predominant offence, fairly to give way and cross double lines.

    Interestingly no riders or drivers where detected driving whilst impaired by alcohol or drugs. This is a great result of the peninsula population even 1200 persons where screened.

    Every person that underwent a preliminary breath test was handed a leaflet on motor cycle safety and tips for drivers to avoid collisions with riders (1200).

    Leading Senior Constable Kendra Jackson

    Media Officer
  2. Hmmm wet slippery conditions, and only one speeding infringement…
    Who would have thunk it??? :?
  3. Were these people stopped just because? Or as part of RBTs and such?

    I only ask because if I was lit up from behind, I'd be happy to give them my time for a licence check or whatever, but to get a lecture about motorcycle safety would be a bit rich.
  4. If I was pulled over to be lectured on road safety I'd blow a fuse. If it was combined with a licence check etc I'd be stoked. :p
  5. Unless your tires are really shit, exceeding the 80k/h and/or 60k/h limits is trivial - even given the wet road conditions (which weren't constantly wet btw - I was there that weekend). So I don't believe that would be a factor.

    Personally I'm glad they booked cars crossing the double lines, that's possibly the most dangerous thing on the GOR.

    Saying that, I wish they were there to book a tour bus that had decided to stop around a blind corner for sightseeing - bloody dangerous!
  6. Good to hear they are out educating people, as well as issuing tickets I think that may somewhat improve their image with motorists that its not all about revenue.
    Good news no dui offences, but no suprises for the lack of speeding offences on account of the weather..
  7. Time & place. I know one interstate visitor that was being smiled upon over the weekend when they were pulled over & cautioned for a velocity that otherwise may have had them walking.

    Pity they didn't get a leaflet to the drongo caravan driver who turned infront of the bike on the Western Hwy on Monday. I only missed it by no more than 10 minutes.
  8. Were you using ESP to guide you and let you know what the Caravan had done? :cool:
  9. Those stopped were, I believe, stopped for licence/rego checks, or hauled over by bike cops because their riding, while not illegal, may have been demonstrating a lack of sense or skill (braking mid way through corners, general lack of road sense etc).

    There appears to be some real enthusiasm among the police for this program where they don't get judged by the number of people booked. They feel that what they are doing is far more useful in the long term..

    First results are looking positive - there seems been to have a definite drop in crashes in the areas where the operations have been carried out - not just during the operations, but also a "shadow" effect for some time after.

    And I owe an apology for the spelling and grammar comment. What I got was a draft accidentally sent out to VMAC without being proof read...

    Final version is below

    Sixteen solo traffic police conducted a three day operation on the Great Ocean Road to coincide with Operation Aegis over the Queens Birthday long weekend.
    Operation Yellow Flag - Black Flag consisted of a full fleet of “Flag†motorcycles riding around risk areas in a bid to keep road users safe. The two-year Community Policing and Education Program is the first of its kind in Victoria and involves a series of education and enforcement activities across the state.

    Two hundred and six motor cycle riders were spoken to about motor cycle safety with only 14 detected for various offences including one speeding and five licence offences.
    Six hundred and ninety four drivers were also spoken to about motor cycle safety. Of those spoken to, 66 drivers were booked for various offences with speed being the predominant offence.

    No riders or drivers were detected driving whilst impaired by alcohol or drugs.
    Every rider and driver that underwent a preliminary breath test was handed a leaflet on motor cycle safety and tips for drivers to avoid collisions with riders.
    The Operation, which is jointly funded with the support of the Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council, is one of a broad range of initiatives, funded from the Motorcycle Safety Levy, to help create a safer environment for all Victorian motorcycle and scooter riders.


    Leading Senior Constable Kendra Jackson

    Media Officer
  10. Agreed Tony, this gives me hope that there are actually police out there concerned about making the roads safer, not just meeting quotas.
  11. How many motorcycle cops are there in the VicPol?
  12. Well, join the dots.....
    a T-intersection with the joining road coming from the right hand side;
    a caravan with a motorbike size dent on the left side;
    bike, bag etc. strewn along the left side of the road and into the grass off the left side of the road.

    Now if you can think of another situation that fits those facts and fits with the news report, I'd like to hear it.
  13. TP. Sorry mate. I read your post wrong. I read it as if you had a close call with a caravan and put the wrong time in (ten minutes). Instead I had read your post wrong which on re-reading was in detail and about another rider. Looking at it now it must have seemed incredibly insensitive. I read it wrong and replied in a manner that was not fitting and apologise for that. I would not take the piss out of an actual collision. There is nothing funny about that. I thought I was reading about a near miss.

    I hope that makes sense and you can forgive my insensitivity and poor reading skills. :oops:
  14. All good. I just hope the rider heals up alright.