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[VIC] Police On The Spot Fines

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by enforcer, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. yes, it will come in the mail

  2. no, he would have givin you an on the spot fine

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  1. Got pulled over today for running a red. Expecting to get an on the spot fine, apart from giving me the usual talk on the dangers of what I have done and on riding motorbikes, instead of an on the spot fine he notes down my licence and rego and says that it will come in the mail.

    I've been pulled over before and I've always got an on the spot fine.

  2. expect it in the mail , once he pulls you over and takes the details he can then go back to the station and write the tickets at the end of the day and send them out .
    happened to my wife , i rang to see if it was legal and it is.
  3. not sure mate,i think he didnt want the paper wrk getting in the way of him eating maccs.
  4. He probably did not have his infringement book with him. It is good to be positive, but I would not be holding my breath of getting out of this one. sorry :cry:
  5. I got done for speeding on the way back from Jindabyne, i got one on the spot AND one in the mail a week later. The only difference is the paper it was printed on.
    The on the spot is hand written, the mail was typed.
  6. You never know, he might have a good day and let you off. Id be expecting a fine though.
  7. I expect the fine will come in the mail but what makes me doubt it is he didn't go back to his car and check my details, I thought they always did this no matter what. Also no on the spot fine.

    He was in the car park, of some hotel/pub near ace go karts, on Ballarat Rd just before the Ring Rd entry.

    I'll wait two months, 'till I get the fine in the mail I'll consider it a warning.

    Two different fines? Ouch.

    I got pulled over at 8:30am and from his tone I knew this guy was having a bad day already. He told me how he was on scene for the riders down on the Wester Ring Rd, https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=17054&highlight=western+ring and that I would end up like him if I wasn't careful.

    He tried to get me for speeding as well, "do you know how fast you were speeding", but because he didn't show me the radar gun and I said "I don't know" he didn't pursue it further.

    I took a look at his notepad with my details he wrote down and there was a bunch of other regos and names on it. Hopefully it will stay on the notepad and nothing else, I'm not holding my breath though.
  8. copper followed my mate home last night when he was dropping me and my gf off, turned the lights on just at my house and tried to get him for speeding/drinking.

    tried to save the day but had nothing
  9. I think they would actually say if you got a warning or not. Last time I got pulled over I asked nicely if there was any chance I could just get a warning please and he obliged. He did write down some details tho and I had to take my license in to the station later (I wasn't carrying it at the time). But the guy was a rider himself and was asking what my tires were like so I had good reason to expect as such! Win some lose some I guess.
  10. I got pulled over in the cage a couple years back and the cop said that I would get the fine in the mail but I never got it. Sometimes I think they just want to scare you.

    I had this coming so I'm not too fussed more annoyed that I got caught.
  11. I voted it wont come, but then I stepped outside and realised the lazy turd, prolly didn't want to stand in the sun (it be very hot) and write the ticket.

    Hey Grobby, you end up on the poker run y'day?
  12. I got nailed for speeding ages ago, pulls me over, takes my details and says fine in the mail mate.

    That was on a Saturday arvo 1pm.

    Fine was in the mailbox Monday lunchtime :(
  13. Could be he didn't have an infringement notice book in the car. The fine can be issued within a reasonable time...28 days in NSW
  14. Blah :( Got the fine in the mail today.

    $210 and 3 demerit points damage.

    I had it coming though. I'll have to take it easy from now on since I'm nearly out of points :(
  15. yeah i hate that...
    it gives you a false sense of hope..