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[Vic] Police KTMs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Spotted about half a dozen cops this morning in blue overalls on the KTMs they use for off-road use. They seemed to be doing some sort of training run out of Dawson Street (Brunswick).

    Just a heads up because at first sight you may not recognise them as cops. I may not have noticed except they were in a group.
  2. I saw a VicPol KTM on the Western Hwy back when I was still a Victorian and I've got to say they are almost unmarked, the "decorations" are small and minimal and I think the only thing that gave it away was the plain white helmet.
  3. You can recognise them by the fact that they've got both wheels on the ground. ;)

    They don't do traffic much. Maybe heading into the parks and forests.
  4. yeah they hang around in brunswick for training. i used to see em all the time...

    plus ive seen em a few times out the bush. they usualy ride ktm 300exc's the last one that pulled me over was an 07
  5. I've seen the off road bikes around Brunswick a bit - they operate out of Dawson Street. Not used for traffic specifically but I have seen them pull over a car on Royal Parade.
  6. their matching wet weather suits are too cute. what do they call those baby ones? playsuits?

  7. not true... saw two fully decked out cop bikes turn from flinders on to st kilda rd then lift the front as they took off :p not much but noticable :p
  8. yep. saw 2 of these at golden plains (near meredith). they were using big ktm enduros to patrol camping grounds. you'd never pick them as cops until they were up close. And yeah, one of the cops could wheelie and wasn't frightened to hang it out a bit. :)
  9. I saw a copper on a KTM on the bike track near my house a few years back. Unfortunately I was on my mini chopper at the time 8-[ :D
  10. There traffic cops and give you tickets just like any other cop. They usualy turn up in park lands or off road places to catch unlicenced/rego dirt/enduro bikes. You also see them when hikers & bush walkers get lost and they go out to find them. The unit is based in Dawson st Brunswick.

    PS: Dont ry out run them, these guys really know how to ride.
  11. yup, KTMs, a few have Suzuki DRZ's, and a few old XR650's kickin around, Big Day Out they kick aroudn the side streets, work in with the cars etc.. very good riders.. :).. there gear is off the shelf stuff, funny when i go to my daughters day care in Dawson st, pass them heading the other way in the same clothing/bike etc and give a head nod.. such a confusing look i get :)