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Vic Police kill Friday night coffee

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Removed_User7, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Run the gauntlet, continue on and take the risk

  2. Move to large open area near the Bridge ( 100 metres down)

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  3. end coffee night all together

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  1. I have just had wordback from Victoria Police in regards to the Exemption .
    They had NOT GRANTED IT any memebr caught riding up the esplinarde to the coffee spot will be issued a ticket .
    I tackfully argued all our points , on grounds of safety, tourist attraction and all other aspects and this is too no availe.

    There view point is its against the law and we will book anyone that breaks in , so there you go VICTORIA POLICE AT THERE BEST .

    I will place up a seperate post in the General section to notify people .

    Its up too you want you want to do , move it , stay and run the gauntlet or end the coffee night .
  2. would it be worthwhile to write up a letter to the local businesses (and maybe jsut do a drop around) thanking them for the wonderful service they have provided over the last xx years but due to the Victoria Police mistaking a motorcycle with a pushbike they have now, decided to fine any motorcycist that would normally ride (at walking pace) down to the usually spot.

    Explaining we have contacted the police over the matter but they are still unwilling to change their stance. If you too (shop owner) believe that both the business and fun factor that the large amount of bikes bring to southbank would you please contact Officer Up Ya Bum....at your local butchers shop.

    phone number ..... etc...

    maybe try and get a few of the joe public on our side for change :?
  3. That may take a while stewy , but I dont think Vic Police give to rats arses .
    anyway its up too everyone else with what they want to do, i will leave it in the regulars hands who attend weekly .
  4. From my understanding it's council property, if the council ok it then Vicpol can piss orff?
  5. So I take it then that Mr and Mrs Plod will be there on Friday night issuing fines and tickets for ALL cyclists that go up and down in excess of 5kmh?

    Victoria's finest, doing the damndest to piss people off.
  6. If that is teh case then the next port of call is the council and/or the local businesses.
    If it is the councils call then our best way to get them to act is to get the local businesses to petition them on our behalf.

    Otherwise I say we move Friday coffee night to somewhere outside of Melbourne City Council (don't care where)
  7. looked into that
    Yes its council land and the coppers are booking under the by-law the councol put in place.
    To stop the coppers they would have to re-cind the by-law thus stopping them having the justifacation to write tickets .
    Council cant write exemptions only re-cind the law and thats not going to happen
  8. Well I hope they book all cyclists for over the 10 kmh speed limit. I will push the bike down the foot path with the key in my pocket and park where I normally do
  9. Hey guys,

    I was there when we were issued the friendly warning.

    We can "ride straight on or straight off" a footpath but it's a pedestrian walkway, not a road.

    If anyone is interested in moving the location the owner of Spiga located in Melbourne Central is a bike fan and is happy to have people around for coffees.

    Other than that I'd suggest parking the bikes further up and just walking down.
  10. I just can't believe that in the absence of an injury or incident why the police would want to do this? Has there been any issues?
  11. Thee have been issues with cyclists, and apparently TT or ACA ran a story on them recently, so there is increased police attention
  12. Vic Police have a problem because cyclists are traveling down the strip at warp speed. I agree that they are dangerous and have nearly been collected a few times myself. Unfortunately there's not much the cops can do about it. Even if they were able to position a radar out of view to effectivly catch offenders exceeding the 10kph limit, attempting to chase them down and give them a ticket means putting the public at further danger due to the police pushbike doing warp speed in pursuit.

    Even if they could safely catch the cyclists, they have no rego plate so they can simpy claim to have no ID on them, give a false name (even incorrect spelling of their name will void the ticket) and be on their way.

    This is where we come in to the equation. Given that the cops can do SFA about the cyclists, they need to do something to make it appear that they are doing their job. Their solution is to book us because we have rego plates and carry licenses making the tickets easier to stick. Whist we aren't causing any problems, they have an offence they can book us for which means the public see tickets being written and VicPol create the illusion of effectice police work.

    My solution is to simply do as we are told and start behaving within the bounds of the law.

    If we can't ride carefully and slowly then we will have to push the bikes up. As this is unpleasent, it makes sence that we should minimise the time it takes to do so. I suggest dismounting at the path, leaving the lights and engine running (lights for safety, engine to keep lights on), take a firm grip on the bars and run like the wind as fast as you can go. It wouldn't hurt to shout "LOOK OUT" at pedestrians who get in the way either.

    I admit this might inconvenience the public. It might even give them the shits and cause numerous complaints to VicPol but it is what the Police want us to do so I guess they won't mind fielding the phone calls. :)
  13. OR a buch of netriders could call up pretending to be angry citizens complaining of what you said seany. That way people wouldnt actually have to run with their bikes and risk dropping the buggers!

    Is it worthwhile getting the owner of the cafe to call the local council and complain about the loss of revenue due to the action of the police?
  14. What ticket will they be issuing? Couldn't be a speeding one (unless you were)... Couldn't be reckless, cos i'm not out of control... Not neglegent, cos i didn't do anything... Will it be one of those, plain old, 'cos we feel like it' variety?

    EDIT: we should turn up in force, and walk (at slower than normal pace) our bikes 5 abreast... not our issue if we want to talk to each other side-by-side while walking... :twisted:
  15. I can't remember the actualy name but basicly it is riding/driving a motorvehicle on a pedestrian walkway
  16. I guess until we know the exact council by law or road rule that prohibits access we wont be able to properly manage the situation.

    The letter idea is a good one... the southbank management would be worth consulting too.

    Also, I seem to recall this having come up a few years ago. I wasn't paying much attention at the time. How was it resolved???

    FWIW's avoiding pedestrians is why I come into Friday coffee via the road entrance next to the food court's East exit and ride back along the path towards the meet point - that way you don't have to ride through the heaviest pedestrian traffic.

    It doesn't avoid the cop issue though.
  17. Whatever happened to solving these things with a good old-fashioned riot?
  18. .....calling all people who can walk their bike on the back wheel................ :LOL:
  19. You guys should find a stunter who can do that thing were they stand next to it and get dragged along. You're not technically riding then are you? :p
  20. :rofl: I wanna see you do it, Seany! :rofl:

    I'm thinking I might need some practise walking my bike, especially braking/steering it around peds who's suddendy stopped to chat.

    As for leaving the bikes and walking - I'm not sure that many would be so keen on that idea. It's part of the appeal to be near our bikes to keep an eye on them, as well as look at everyone else's.
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