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[VIC] Police in the CBD - Spring & Collins Sts

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. In news just in...

    Posted on: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 1:46 AM
    Author: Leonie Johnson
    Subject: Bike safety the key to CBD operation

    Improving safety for cyclists is the aim of a three-day TAC funded operation Victoria Police are running in Melbourne’s CBD this week.

    Police have become increasingly concerned about the safety of cyclists in and around the city and for three days will focus primarily on motorists driving in bike lanes, and those who illegally park or stop in heavily-used bike paths and lanes.

    Senior Sergeant Andrew Falconer from Melbourne West police said along with pedestrians, cyclists are our most vulnerable road users.

    “In the city area, cyclists are mainly hospitalised due to the opening of car doors in their path,” Sen Sgt Falconer said.

    “Motorists and passengers need to be aware of the large number of cyclists sharing our roads and be more careful when getting in and out of vehicles.”
    Motorists who drive in bike lanes face an on-the-spot fine of $175.
    Sen Sgt Falconer said police will also be enforcing the reserved area for cyclists at some controlled intersections, commonly known as a ‘bicycle box’.
    “Drivers need to ensure they stop at the first white line so that cyclists are able to stop in front of the traffic at the second white line so they are more easily seen.

    Pedestrians failing to keep a lookout for cyclists will also be under the spot light with police patrolling black-spot intersections throughout the city area as part of the operation.

    Intersections targeted include the busy Collins and Spring Street area which is heavily used by cyclists in morning and afternoon peak hours.

    Sen Sgt Falconer said cyclists also need to adhere to the road rules including keeping left of tram safety zones which incurs a $292 on-the-spot fine, and stopping behind stationary trams while their doors remain open.

    More than 300 cyclists are injured on the roads each year and this year five cyclists have been killed.

    Two of those occurred in the metropolitan area.
    The operation began yesterday and runs until tomorrow night.
    Media Opportunity:
    To photograph or film police working this operation, head to the intersection of Collins and Spring Street from 8 am this morning.
    For media inquiries contact:
    Sarah Campbell
    Media Officer
    Victoria Police
    9247 5204
  2. With all the pro cycling changes in and around the city, it's no wonder motorists are confused and not used to them.

    Personally the abortive attempts to separate cyclists from traffic have made the situation worse for cyclists. I am not a supporter of many of the mods and I cycle.

    But, further education to increase cyclist awareness is a good thing.

    ...Cue Orekin, 5, 4, 3, 2... 1.75... 1.5...
  3. I know I'm being deliberately obtuse, but it sounds like Leonie Johnson has never even heard of the Motorcycle strategy.

    "Senior Sergeant Andrew Falconer from Melbourne West police said along with pedestrians, cyclists are our most vulnerable road users."

    It sounds as if she is deliberately leaving motorcyclists out of that description. Which doesn't surprise me, as it is quite clear that WE are the evil 'motorists' that they are aiming this at.

    Can you even imagine the regime doing anything to make life better for motorcyclists?

    (Dunno what I'm complaining about - I'm a mere pedestrian/cyclist myself for the time being... :( )
  4. Titus, are you between bikes or is your licence sunning itself in Majorca with Skasey for a while?
  5. check stolen bike register.

    Titus: That sucks mate, can you tentatively mouth suspicions to alert other people who may fall to the same problem?
  6. :( Bugger Titus.
  7. The question is, will an enforced spell in the, umm, slow lane turn me into a mewling wimp with no survival strategies and dependent on the nice policemen stopping nasty motorists from running me over? ;)

    (Can't drop hints Lilley, it wouldn't be fair if I'm wrong. But maybe be careful who you give your home address to, eh? Not relevant for this thread anyway.)
  8. What we need here, is an obvious and strategic fundraiser...

    ...clearly we are running out of tinfoil. :roll: