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Vic Police have new roadsafety weapon....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Smitty, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. Holden Commodore Out In Force For Vic Police

    GM Holden and Victoria Police have collaborated in the design of 20 striking SS Commodores to join the police fleet as state-of-the-art SMART cars (Special Mobile Anti- Road Toll Cars), to reduce the road toll and increase road safety during the 2006 holiday season.

    The visually bold Holden SS Commodores will provide maximum visibility on roads during peak periods and will be used as a tool that will be a constant reminder for motorists to follow the road rules.

    Assistant Commissioner (Traffic) Noel Ashby and Minister for Police Tim Holding unveiled the fleet today at Government House as part of the summer holiday road safety campaign that will see additional resources being devoted to Victorian roads over the holiday period.

    Mr Ashby said the cars are part of Victoria Police’s commitment to making roads safer.

    “The SMART cars will be a reminder to all motorists to obey the road rules, not in a bid to avoid a fine, but in an effort to save lives and reduce road trauma,” he said.

    Holden is a major supplier of fleet vehicles to Victoria Police and the SS Commodore SMART cars were developed in close collaboration between the two organisations.

    Simon Carr, Holden National Fleet Manager, said today, “The relationship between Holden and the Victorian police is a highly collaborative one. SS Commodores have been an integral part of the police fleet since 1999 and Holden has been supplying cars to Victoria Police since the introduction of the 48-215 in 1948.

    “Furthermore, like Holden , Victoria Police have a strong commitment to safety and innovation, so we have worked very closely with the police on the design of these vehicles for maximum effect.”

    The eye-catching vehicles will be distributed to each police region where they can be used to promote road safety through high profile traffic patrols.

    Some of the SS Commodores are fitted with mobile data devices which allow police to access information including driver license details and persons of interest data.

    They also feature a range of modern technology to accommodate secure digital radios and mobile radar equipment.

    from www.police.vic.gov.au

    guess we have been warned :shock:
  2. What's the bet they park them on freeways in peak hour to slow traffic down to a crawl...
  3. At least you can see these ones. Just added to the fleet- Cross8 Adventra 4wd wagon -unmarked white of course.You have to have pretty good eyesight to spot it in traffic! :butt:
  4. I always find this a constant source of amusement. What -do they employ more police over holiday periods to ensure a greater presence? Give me a break
  5. More "sport" Falcodores? Brilliant! All a culprit needs to do to escape the cops is turn a corner!
  6. they are silver..operating out of Moorabbin TOG
    complete with roofrack and flares...:shock:
    I saw one yesterday..pulled up a guy in Hampton East

  7. Meh. Much prefer this type of enforcement. It has an effect immediately in reducing speed (hopefully in areas where speed-related crashes are common). Much better than a road-side tax collector that pings you weeks after the event.
  8. Haha... here here Tenoq. ;)
    Still rather glad i spotted that rather innocent looking purple XR8.
  9. i love the comment, "The visually bold Holden SS Commodores will provide maximum visibility on roads during peak periods and will be used as a tool that will be a constant reminder for motorists to follow the road rules"

    then why do we have hidden speed cameras and cops hiding?????????????
  10. To raise revenue. Duhhhh!!! :roll:

  11. "Why do you need such high powered police vehicles?"

    "We need to be able to really floor it and get up to a speed equal to and greater than the speeding person who floored it"


    True they are a lot better than speed cameras.
  12. because they have small tools ......... its just another *ocksusker mobile in the armory of cashregister policeing
  13. When i was last stopped by the boys in blue for allegedly doing in excess of 130km/h down the onramp of the Eastern Freeway (city end, outbound), i questioned if they had actually got a speed reading on me. I felt justified in doing as such as i had been doing 60 in the 60 zone, then picked up a bit of speed going down the last bit of the ramp into the 100 zone. Their justification was that they had to do in excess of 130km/h to catch up to me (from ~80m behind) therefore i must have been doing that speed aswell. By the time they flagged me down i was sitting on 102km/h indicated (probably ~98km/h real!) and hunkering down for another long cold trip along the Eastern Fwy.
    End of the story, they didn't get a speed on me... and decided to screw me for a rear tyre that i was having replaced in 4 days time (witing for pay day) - major defect! :x :evil:

    Anyway, i don't mind those 'high impact' police car's... as long as they are just being used for raising public awareness through an obvious police presence. I just hope it doesn't turn the same way the last lot of them did and they developed the wrong sort of image - a few of them around the Mornington Peninsula seemed to think it was a game of 'Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit' and started driving as such. :applause: :facepalm:
  14. And don't forget the blitz on the GOR and usual presence up at the Spurs as well.

    Painting them gold is a bit of a retro move as they ditched the canary yellow TOG (now TMU) cars back in around 1986/87 (when the VL Turbos came out, the yellow ones were VicRoads units only).

    Mind you the only V8 I ever owned was a canary yellow ex highway patrol VK Commodore purchased when it was only 18 months old and had it for nearly 8 years, 10 tyres, 2 clutches, 2 harmonic balancers (incl a bottom end rebuild the 2nd time), a gear box, a full set of shockers, an LPG conversion, a manual fuel pump cos the standard electric one couldn't feed the 4 barrell rochester carby enough fuel :wink: 300,000+km and heaps of being pulled over by the law and being asked "so what have you done to it since you brought it".

    Man I had some fun in that car :p as you can see by the parts list above and it was almost like the Blues Mobile when I traded it in.
  15. Good point, arent they only allowed to chase up to a certain speed?? Which they could probably do in a barina.. :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Special Mobile Anti- Road Toll Cars? Forgive my ignorance, but what is so Special about a Mobile car? Do the police normally use cars that can't move, so the addition of motion is some significant improvment? Newsflash, lads. A car that can't move is like a boomerang that won't come back - it's just a stick.

    Or were our boys in blue concerned that driving around in plain old Anti-Road Toll cars (ART Cars) might make them look a little, well, poofy? Does Commissioner Nixon travel in a Fancy Anti-Road Toll car?
  17. Hey I saw these cop cars just before I entered the Domain tunnel going towards the east side...I sped past them and they didn't do anything because they were too busy trying to keep in the same lane with each other :LOL:
  18. you forgot to mention the major partner in this venture COLS screenprinting and photocopying.... the man who actually managed to photocopy and make 200 plus cardboard copies of an SS commodore, to be placed strategically around victoria then folded up and stored for next holidays ....or stuck up on the wall of senior seargents sons wall as a poster ....it makes me sick to think that all of those V.B cartons had to die for such a venture

  19. ahh but the beauty is you will never know if the next "visually bold SS Commodore " you pass is , a greek about to do a burn out , a card board cut out or actually constable plod havin a wank on his lunch break
  20. Don't laugh too loud, they actually wanted to buy a heap of the Barina Combo's (Panel Vans) for the Dog Squad about 5 years ago but basically the officers said they'd refuse to drive them :roll: