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[Vic] Police fine people for walking

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by CamKawa, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. Geelong public furious at $58 jaywalk fines at intersections

    Emperor Brumby is steeping to new lows here. Just how broke is Victoria?

    I'm surprised to see the Herald Scum giving the public some sympathy on this. I'd thought they would be calling for the doubling of the fine and a 48 hr lock up similar to the draconian hoon laws. Is the editor of this tabloid is going soft, or is he aware that the nursing home residents who read this paper can walk some of the time to?
  2. if people are getting in the way of traffic, or make traffic stop or slow to go round them, then yep i agree....

    But it seems people these days are stupid, and walk out infront of moving cars, thinking cars and trucks will give way, guess what on foot your are the bottom of the food chain, i say we just let the stupid get run over ](*,)

    actually what is funny is the comments

    yeah cos that road is so dangerous
  3. Maybe if you ran across the road you would be a hoon, or perhaps if you hopped across (pedestrian equivalent of a mono)?
  4. Best thing the cops do.

    The amount of times I'm riding around the city and some nobhead ped steps out in front of me and gibs me a gobfil is amazing. If I was to hit them, i'd be the one in the s**t.

    Go to it lads!
  5. The article implies that crossing the road somewhere other than at a traffic light crossing, or when the pedestrian light is red, is a crime? :-s
  6. If you make the roads 'safer' for pedestrians, what do you think they will do? Walk on it, of course.
    IMHO a good news story... Brumby pulls the noose ever tighter on his own throat.
  7. http://vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/SafetyAndRules/RoadRules/Pedestrians.htm

    Fines apply to pedestrians who commit the following offences:

    * cross against an amber or red traffic light
    * cross against an amber or red pedestrian light
    * cross the road within 20 metres of a pedestrian crossing
    * fail to cross to the nearest edge of the road after getting off a tram
    * fail to obey a traffic instruction from a police officer
    * fail to use the shortest or most direct route across a road
    * get out of from a moving vehicle
    * walk along or fail to give way when crossing a bicycle path
    * walk improperly on a road (by not keeping to the far side facing oncoming traffic when walking along a road where it is not practicable to use the footpath or nature strip)
    * cross a level crossing when not permitted
    * disobey a 'no pedestrian' sign.
    * cause a traffic hazard by moving into the path of a driver
  8. That's quite an impressive list. Could this be the new revenue raising frontier?
  9. lol

    or maybe they could just confiscate your your shoes for 48 hrs and make you walk home barefoot.
  10. Confiscate their shoes!
  11. I say good on em for fining them, so long as their in full uniform when they do it. If you do it in front of cops clearly waiting at an intersection, you're a moron anyway.
  12. And, after the third strike, unless they were jogging (in which case, the first strike!), crush their sneakers.

    Also, I want clarification: walk along or fail to give way when crossing a bicycle path

    Are we talking a bicycle _path_, or a separate marked lane on the roadway?

    What about someone pushing an incapacitated bike or an incapacitated motorcycle?
  13. And crush them!!!
  14. I think both. Crossing a road where there are no crossing lights, you have to give way to incoming vehicles which include the bicycle lane. Same goes for shared path I'd assume.

    If it's a busy intersection, then it's a bloody good thing that they are doing it. Too many idiots cross the roads without watching causing traffic chaos and putting themselves in danger. If it's a dead intersection, I say let it go.

    I also find the comment Stewy quoted pretty funny. I bet you he will have a cry when he gets fined for speeding that the coppers should be fighting real crime, such as robbery/murder.

    Confiscate their shoes :rofl:
  15. I wish they'd do it other places than Flinders and Swanston Street in the CBD. The number of people who cross against the red - or who set off between parked cars is going up. The morons who step off a tram in a safety zone and immediately try to cross to the footpath, regardless of the lights - or hop off a tram and cross behind it in front of traffic deserve everything they get.

    I'm a bit surprised at the lack of support from riders. Hit these clowns in a car and they get what they deserve - hit them on a bike and its you that can suffer.
  16. The term is often misused, but the above is the actual j-walking offence.
  17. I've always said if they want to fix some of the traffic problems in the CBD they need to have the Ped lights go solid Red a little sooner so that left turning vehicles get a few seconds of clear road to complete their turn.

    I've lost count of the number of times pedestrians have stepped out on the flashing Red and only just make it across the road before the traffic cops a red light and cant make their turn.
  18. It would be really good, if they only booked pedestrians they observed holding up traffic, and the fine was three times as much.

    Otherwise, if it's safe to cross and no inconvenience - I don't have a problem with jaywalking.

    They should just give some discretion and a digital camera to the cops, and leave the blanket rule enforcement shit out of it.
  19. Actually inside word suggests that Brumby is using the carbon tax legislation to gather funding. He's exstatic that he has finally found a tax that applies literally to every breathing person, instead of just the percentage that drive or earn a wage. The calculations are still being perfected, but rumor has it that everybody will need to be weighed once a year at a registered weigh in centre, this will incur a small fee. This weight figure is then used to estimate your lung capacity, this figure multiplied by the a nominal figure then determines your personal carbon waste per year. Based on the current carbon offset costs you will receive a bill for the carbon you are estimated to exhale. Repercussions for not paying this fee are yet to be determined.
  20. The channel Nine report said they were being booked for crossing on a red light, or within 20 metres of a crossing, since there is no offense in Victoria for J-walking. I agree that pedestrians need to be taught to respect the road rules a little more, or at least not try to commit suicide by motor vehicle every time they cross the road. But we need some common sense, not more draconian enforcement of rules.

    What annoyed me about the report on Nine was that the people doing the fining were wearing plain clothes (and looked scruffy) with just a police vest over the top. They didn't look like police to me at all. If I had been stopped by them, I would have been asking for identification and it had better have been very convincing official identification at that. Otherwise, I would just be walking away.

    If they were just some unemployed folk given a vest and told to go fine people for J-walking, and I was fined, I would be most upset.