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[VIC] Police Crack down on Illegal Tinted Car windows

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Thera, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/crackdown-on-tinted-windows-20100629-zgau.html

    I wonder How many unmarked Cars will get booked?

    So be warned if your getting around, there must be a shortfall in the Budget this financial year, and funds available. Oh That's normal for The state Government....

    Maybe if they enforced Legislation and increased the fine for Installers, who are supplying and installing the tinting, they would have extra resources available to police street violence and Violent Crime.

  2. I've got a mate with a heavily tinted Yaris. She can't see for shit at night time. This makes sense to me.
  3. Me too.

    So they are targeting drivers who aren't looking out for us?

    The same as them targeting us with Black Flag Yellow Flag... except now they are targeting the people we wanted them to target in the first place.
  4. No I don't mean to say its a bad thing. It's a good thing in that respect. But wouldn't be better to prohibit it at the instillation stage then chasing people after the fact?
  5. I've no problem with targetting illegal tint. We actually had this happen in WA several years ago when I was professionally involved in vehicle roadworthiness. It was a two pronged approach, hitting both cars and installers and it worked pretty well. There aren't many illegally dark cars on WA roads any more.

    Personally, I quite like drivers to have a chance to see me, and, maybe more importantly I can see them.
  6. I have no problem with this.
  7. No problem here -- legal tinting levels is dark enough anyway as it is
  8. as stated 'on illegal tinting". that's fine with me too
  9. Not against it either, directionally its a good thing as it impacts road worthiness.

    But it is more of the same philosophy, i.e. tackling the peripheral issues that are easy to police and infringe. I would be very surprised if dark tinting had much to do with the 300 injured in the CBD.
  10. I haven't got a major problem so long as they've got a scientific method to check it and it's not just PC Plod guessing it's too dark.

    It wont make a scrap of difference with the CBD accident rate as it wont help if you can see the pedestrian hitting your tinted windscreen or not if they step out in front of you because they're on the phone or listening to their iPod.....
  11. In WA, the police had sample swatches to compare with the tinted window to deal with the defect notice stage, then the inspection stations have a proper, calibrated tint meter to give the definitive answer. Legal min on side and rear windows was 35% light transmission, but we allowed a bit of leeway down to 31-32%. We were seeing stuff with tint down to 5-6% transmission on occasion. Screens couldn't be tinted beyond what the factory might have put in.

    We were, however, a little more lenient (unofficially) with windows behind the B-pillar, on the basis that you could legally panel them with steel, so it seemed a bit anomalous that dark tint was more illegal than complete opacity.
  12. how many here ride with a tinted visor at night?
  13. Well, I dont, personally, although I know many people who do. Quite a good proportion of those will admit it's not a great idea, though, and at least there is the option of flicking the visor up for instant unimpeded vision, so the situation is a little different.
  14. How's it different? My tinted windows wind down swiftly with the flick of a switch.;)
  15. First, we should clarify a point here - windscreens cannot be tinted, except for the top bit to act as a sunshield of sorts.

    So, the visor analogy is moot.

    This morning they pulled over around 50 cars in the Carlton (Melbourne inner
    suburb). 35 of them were defected due to their tinting being excessive.

    The police have a light meter. They request the driver to wind down a window
    part way, then attach a device to one side, presumably a light transmitter, and
    the detection unit on the other. If less than 35% of the light is filtered then
    the car is defected.

    For those who aren't familiar with this Victoria Police will slap a large yellow
    label (we used to call them "canaries" way back when) on the windscreen. The
    driver then has a limited period of time to get the car inspected by Vicroads
    after the faults are rectified.

    Anyway, I was listening to the radio which reported on it. One fellow called in.
    Supposedly a travelling salesman, his near new Falcon has dealer fitted tinting.
    His reading was "31". He was slapped with a canary and was told to get the car
    de-tinted. In the meantime he had to drive with his windows down.

    A fellow claiming to be a licensed motor vehicle tester called in. He said that
    what tends to happen is that most cars come with a tint ex-factory, which is
    legal. Then the dealer or the owner may get it tinted by say, Tint a Car. This
    will put it under the legal threshold.

    The driver who called in said that he went to the dealer and had a whinge.
    Apparently the dealer had the car sent off to a third party mob to get the
    tinting done. He then went there. The fellow there said that he had done about
    15,000 cars and his was the first to have problems. He was probably trying to
    say that he is an isolated case.

    But what he wasn't considering is that this is the first time that the police
    has made an effort to police this particular problem.

    Then a copper called in. He said that he was a former accident investigator. He
    said that in 20 years in the job he never found the cause, or underlying cause
    of any crash was down to excessive tinting. But then, given how they often cite
    "speed" as the main cause of all of our woes, this too has to be taken

    So, if you have had tinting done, or expect to get it done, it might pay to ask
    the pertinent questions about this.
  16. I did say a little different. I have yet to find a car window that can be opened with anything like the convenience or rapidity that a visor can be flicked up and I regard that difference to be significant, if small.

    Maybe I'm just weird though. There seem to be an awful lot of riders these days whose helmets are permanently attached to their heads and whose visors appear to be superglued shut, judging by their reluctance to remove one or open the other. :wink:

    Then again, I'm (just about) old enough to remember visors that were held shut with press studs. Good luck getting one of those up quickly when sprayed with liquid mud :shock:
  17. I just heard a little more info on the radio - this blitz was driven by pedestrian and cycling collisions with vehicles in the Carlton area.

    Based on that little snippet alone, let me take a WILD stab in the dark (no tinting pun intended) that the new el lamo stupid separated bicycle lanes are featuring strongly in these injuries. I predict St Kilda will be the next place to have a "tinting blitz" since it's gold a gold leaf momentously dangerous separated bicycle path down the North side of Fitzroy street.

    When a driver approaches an intersection with a separated bicycle lane, they actually have TWO intersections to cross. One with cars. One with ped/cycle traffic. In some parts of Carlton they have THREE. A dedicated ped path. A dedicated Bike path and the standard car traffic. These are poorly implemented stupid half cast cover copies of the same things that works a treat in Holland and similar.


    Who the f'ck does the analysis to propose and approved these stupid programs?
  18. This is exactly why, in WA, a bit of leeway was applied. Most tinters, when asked for the darkest legal tint, will whack on 35% film. The underlying glass, even if not actually tinted, will have something less than 100% transmission and so the final figure ends up somewhere in the low 30s.

    I suspect that, in Vic, there will be an awful lot of behind the scenes manouvering to reach the same situation as we've had here for 8-9 years. Otherwise the system will simply clog up with people getting their tint inspected.
  19. Firstly tinted visors have a sticker saying only for track use :roll:
  20. Really? I've bought two tinted visors, and neither of them had a sticker like that. Is it a state-based thing?

    The way I understood it, it is a bit of a grey area. The visor does not actually need to meet any particular standard. But the helmet needs a clear visor to get its sticker. Or something like that.