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VIC Police Commisioner answering online questions TODAY 1-2p

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pringa8, May 8, 2009.

  1. Grill away Victorians!!

    Thin blue online: top cop to get net grilling

    Related Link: Vic Police Commissioner online forum Victorians will get a unique opportunity to ask questions of the police today when chief commissioner Simon Overland conducts an online forum.

    From 1:00pm to 2:00pm today Mr Overland will answer the public's questions regarding the state's police force.

    "Do you have questions about police operations, the road toll, alcohol-fuelled violence or the direction of Victoria Police?" the forum web page says.

    "Everything is on the agenda this Friday."

    Mr Overland took over from Christine Nixon as commissioner in March, promising to use the internet to foster better communication with the public.

    The forum will be on the Victoria Police media website and people can email in questions early.

  2. First dibs on asking if lane splitting is legal.
  3. I thought this poster asked a very reasonable and sensible question, however just got the same old VicPol reply:

    [Comment From Chris ]
    I think the "speed kills" line and booking anyone doing 3km/hr over the limit (1 demerit point) has been detremintal to the image of police (seen as revenue raising), when drivers committing numerous other offences are ignored (ie. keeping left unless overtaking - 3 demerit points and therefore higher level offence (same as speeding by 15+ that no one has a problem with them getting fined at that level), also deciding at the last minute to exit off a freeway by slamming on the brakes and cutting accross 3 lanes of traffic, both of which I see every day and is much more dangerous than a few km/hr over the limit). Are you in a position to, and would you be prepared to bring a more balanced approach to trafiic offences than just the "speed kills" mantra?
    1:43 simon overland: @Chris

    We are very much guided by the evidence around what works to keep people safe on the roads. The evidence is really clear, if we can slow the traffic down then we will significantly reduce road deaths and trauma. We also know that many accidents involve vehicles that are less than 10km/h over the speed limit, so we are focusing more on enforcement at these speeds. From our point of view this is not about revenue raising, but about keeping people alive and uninjured.

    I also understand that we need to look at other risky behaviour on the roads, like the issues you talk about. We are really committed to further improving road safety.

    Is the part in bold admitting failure and narrowed targetting of speeding?
  4. What a crock. Someone actually asks the right question and the same bollocks is given as an answer :roll:
  5. did we really expect any earth shattering answers. It probably wasnt even overland. it was probably one of his media lackies.
  6. What evidence?
  7. Yeah, right. As if such accidents could have been avoided if the driver was going 5km/h slower... :? They are focusing more on speeds up to 10km/h over the limit, because these are the most common (hence the most revenue generating) speeding infractions.
  8. Do you really expect an honest answer from this guy?

    I have a grudging respect for the majority of on-the-ground working police, but those in the top ranks are nothing but sleazy, lying back-stabbing, underhand politicians. Don't expect anything from them except opportunism and self-aggrandisement. You and everyone else only exist as cobblestones to walk on, on their way to the top.
  9. Yep, no surprises really

    This is such a reasonable request and expectation from the people supposedly making road safety better. I've never had someone almost knock me off the road or kill me because they were speeding, but by plenty of knobheads not paying attention, not having a clue, or the most common, not giving a sh!t about anyone but themselves on the road.
  10. Will be interested to hear the response on lane splitting.

    No surprises on that response, its their policy he has to stick by it. I would be suprised if it was him, if it was there would be a legal team carefully wording his answers. Clearly speeding is targeted as it looks good on the stats and generates lots of $$$ which keeps the govt happy.
  11. G'day guys, first post on here.

    Regarding if lane splitting is illegal I may have the wrong idea but anyways.

    For a living I do office fitouts, the company I work for are the prefered supplier for Victoria Police. One of the recent fitouts was for Dawson St police station (Brunswick). They have a section there for teaching police officers about the road rules and laws associated to them, I had a chat to the head honcho there and he explained to me that currently at this point of time... The word 'Lane Splitting' is pretty much just slang for the police against illegal overtaking. It currently is not illegal to lane split through cars in traffic (Red lights and taffic jams) but it is if you overtake on the left or you're going to be dicking around on freeways going through cars at 100kph.

    They will be enforcing a law to get rid of any lane splitting at all in victoria by November if I recall.

    I don't know if this is 100% the truth but this is what I was told by the bloke behind the uniform.
  12. Yeah mate. I know it's illegal, I was being a knob as it's a topic of constant enquirey here.
  13. Haha, fair enough.

    After I posted I started seeing all the threads about it lol.
  14. If it’s all about getting people to slow down saving lives and not about revenue. Why don’t they like it when I flash my lights to slow them down?
  15. Because anyone who sees another vehicle doing what they consider to be the 'wrong' speed, and decides that in order to improve everyone's safety they better attempt to dazzle that driver with their headlights: is a fricking idiot.
  16. You're going to struggle to blind someone with high-beams in daylight. However at night, your eyes have compensated for the lack of light and are much more sensitive.

    A guy once flashed me to warn me of a speed camera ahead. I was doing ~20km/h over. Saved me a ticket. :cool:
  17. Yeah megaphat i've been saved once or twice by people flashing, and I usually return the favour to others with a quick flash most times i spot a camera.

  18. Say no to drugs man.