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[VIC] Police blitzes - name & shame

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. This thread for anybody to post into if they see a Police Operation targeting bikes. Give us a heads up and help us keep some cash in our pockets for Christmas.

    The beginning of the thread is the collected ramblings of Grue that's focusing on the city centre. Fair warning, the cops will be over the city like stink, it appears they'll be around the south in the mornings and they'll head to the north in the afternoons.

    They will target mainly splitting, filtering, not using indicators, dangerous overtaking, traveling too close to the vehicle in front.

    Once they've finished their Ops in the city, expect them on the freeways.

    The list to date in no particular order...





    Thanks Grue for the heads up. Ride smart everyone.

  2. It's really a shame they don't ping cars for these. Two most common things that'll raise my hackles when I ride are cars not signalling, and cars right on my arse.
  3. They will if they see it, they're not just after bikes. But they are addressing the number of accidents in the city involving bikes, and as disheartening as it is, bikes are causing the majority of them.

    They'll also go after cabbies flinging U-turns in front of everyone too ;)
  4. Now, the thing I want to talk about is we've had a change of government, but the MO of the departments hasn't changed. Granted it's still early days, but it's not unusual for a new government to come into office and put a holt to all projects in the pipeline until they've had a chance to review them.

    And the coalition couldn't wait to blow 2 million dollars changing the clearway signs through Toorak and make a spectacle of it. With me so far?

    If you have any kind of inclination towards politics or the roads, the time to start watching closely is now. If you ever wanted to get involved and make a difference to the outcome the time is now, and i mean right now. The next ten years are about to be set in concrete, and in ten years we'll collectively have to look back and see what we did or did not do.
  5. =D>=D>=D>
  6. =D> I'll take a container full (the coppers, not cabbies!)
    Wait, what am I saying...?
  7. Could be a worthwhile exercise, but I'd still like to hear some first hand information about the kind of treatment is being handed out.

  8. It will be like all the others titus, no quarter will be given, they're there to hand out tickets.

    Although we'll see if we can get Oz-tom to come back and tell us about the attitudes.
  9. Well my license check this morning wasn't TOO bad, though I wish it was more of a "They look at my license, check my rego label, and let me go" thing instead of talking about the benefits of gear, etc etc (seeing as I'm fully geared anyway). The stop took about five minutes, and I was not-coincidentally about five minutes late to work.

    But honestly it's not about the treatment to me, it's about being stopped in the first place. I have serious issues with that.
  10. They lectured you on gear? You were wearing your mankini on the bike again right?

    'Cos if someone was wearing an A* jacket, draggins, gloves & boots, there's no way I'd be facetious enough to give them a lecture on gear...
  11. Nope, wearing the full getup. It wasn't so much a lecture as one of those rhetorical question sessions like "Fully geared, smart man right?" and then trying to be chatty about silly scooter riders and stuff. The fellas were nice enough though, nothing against them. I'm sure they're being told to "engage the public" and they're trying to do so… I just wanted to get back on my way.

  12. This is where they are failing, and failing bad. I think it would fall into 'All of the authority but no fvcking idea' category if we had one.

    This is just me Grue, so don't read anything into it mate, but if it was me that asshat would get a lesson in protective gear and the benefits of not talking out of his arse about things he knows nothing of.

    I would be ten minutes late for work but i would have the biggest smile on my face when the boss asked me why I am late :D

    My son (9yo) who lives in Tasmania was pulled over by the wallopers the other day (you can imagine what went through my mind when I was told this eh :LOL:)
    Well they stopped him to present him a voucher for doing the right thing and wearing protective gear on his pushbike. Amazing eh? It is to me, cos i rammed the message down his throat from the day he threw a leg over his bike that he couldn't ride it if he didn't gear up.

    Anyway, turns out that he and his Mom had a barny in the morning about wearing it, so after his little interaction with the plod he raced home to show her what had happened. The voucher is a tiny sum, but the message it delivered was loud and clear.

    Guess what, the next day he geared up without argument or a fuss and low and behold, he got another voucher!!!

    Now I don't know about you, but if they're going to treat us like kids, can I at least have a voucher? :LOL:
  13. Ah righteo, that sounds a bit different then. I misconstrued what you said above.

    They'll be engaging riders about other riders because they know we can influence each other better than they can.
  14. I want vouchers! :)
  15. I'm with grue with that. Its great that the cops are there to ping people stupid enough to U turn right in front of 5 cops standing scratching their balls next to a marked cop car.

    But for me I did nothing wrong apart from be on a bike. He did not ask for me to take my lid off, but asked for my licence and looked at my plate.

    If i had to take my helmet off i would of had a go.

    Its being stopped for nothing that shits me no end.

  16. Ok i hear that and i agree. That comes out of the numbers they have that show a high enough number of riders are riding while suspended. If they catch a rider who's suspended guess what happens? longer suspension usually, so it's a great way to get bikes off the road.

    Because consider this, how many cars are sitting around you at the same time that have suspended drivers in them? and how would they know if they're not license checking them? and why don't they license check them? Can they afford to put car drivers off the road?

    They say that riders are more likely to ride while suspended than car drivers. How the fvck would they know? course the stats say that if they're only pulling bikes.
  17. Not to mention an unlicensed RIDER is only likely to kill himself if there IS an accident. WHereas someone in a car…
  18. Nah it doesn't wash as an argument Grue. As I said above the majority of M/C crashes in the city are being caused by bad riding behaviour. They're out there giving riders a tune up because they've been identified as the problem.

    If it were cars that would be a valid gripe.

    I was in the city on Tuesday. Hot in the morning, pissed down with rain in the afternoon. I was working in Collins St near Swanston, so I got to see for myself some of the most shitful and ignorant riding practices in a long time.

    Hot conditions + wet road = no gear + slippery surface.

    ...and scooter after scooter riding the arse of the car in front, some with L plates for crying in a bucket. The rear brake on a scooter is placed so you can really stamp on the bloody thing if you shit yourself, not the best combination for noobs.

    Add into the mix pedestrians darting across the road so as not to get wet in the rain and the whole scenario is a booby trap for dumb arse riders who don't know any better.

    I know it's a little late this week, but next week at lunch time go out to different parts of the city and just observe what your fellow riders are up to out there. I cringed.

    I heard the stats and didn't want to believe it, but from the little that i saw I'd seen enough.
  19. Fair enough, I'll accept that. I've seen some shiteful riding recently, it freaks me out.

    Case in point: THere's one part of my commute when I go from the left lane of the inner carraigeway on SKR to the right lane of the outer, and 9 days out of 10 I do it at the speed limit through the same one of the "small" gaps between the carriages (not the ones that are like 30-40m long). I can do this safely because I know and where when I'm going to do it, and I'm turned halfway around in my seat analyzing the traffic on the outer carriageway to make sure there's no chance of someone ending up where I'm aiming for when I make my move. If there is, I pull into the gap and wait until it's clear.

    On Tuesday, I had someone on a scooter sorta following my lead (about 50-75m back) through traffic on the way into the city, and he tried to follow me through that move… and it almost cost him because he didn't look at the traffic where we were going. It was safe for me to do the move, but he was too far back… but apparently still assumed if it was safe for me, that it'd be safe for him. I heard the screech of tires and a horn, turned around to see him get VERY close to being demolished.

    Know what shits me the most? If he'd been taken out, he might have blamed "the motorcycle he was following" for setting an unsafe example.
  20. You just nailed it in one mate :nail:

    Monkey see monkey do. The thing to remember is some of these monkeys are fresh out of their cage and when they see a motorcycle do something they try it out for themselves.

    I think they're under the impression that it's the motorcycle that does it and not the bloody rider that's sitting on it.

    Which is why I believe the po-po are trying to reinforce their message to us. They're not interested in whether we are good at what we do, they read these forums and know we set examples for each other.

    I still believe it comes back to training and education as being the answer, because they simply can't control all the riders out there, or even enough of them to make a difference.

    But riders can be better educated at a licensing level that it's going to take a lot of time to get skilled enough to be able to do what other riders can.

    I've used the example before, but I'll use it again here. When I got my license and was being trained, it was by a gun rider who had my respect early on in the piece. you just knew this guy knew his stuff.

    When it came time to teach us the emergency stop, someone piped up and said how fast can you stop a bike?
    He said no problem i'll show you. He then proceed to show us braking all the way up to the rear lifting off.

    Someone asked, isn't that dangerous? So to demonstrate that it's not he showed us what is still to this day one of the best stoppies I've ever seen.

    There was much murmuring and shuffling of feet, as the group agreed they wouldn't be able to do anything like that. To which he said, "you're newbies, all we can teach you here today is the basics. But now you know you have a lot to learn."

    I may have paraphrased that. That was sometime in distant past when bikes were still coal fired, but the message remains the same.

    I wonder what they're teaching newbies nowadays?