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[VIC] Police "blitz" this weekend

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. POLICE will tonight launch the second stage of a major road blitz targeting hoon and drunk drivers in one of ten hotspots in Victoria.

    Operation Ardent II, a four day crackdown on speeding, drink and drug driving and dangerous driving, will begin tonight and run through to Sunday.

    Operation Ardent II will target drivers in one of 10 regions identified as the state’s worst for serious road offences, including Brimbank, Melbourne, Boroondara, Casey, Yarra Ranges, Kingston, Mornington Peninsula, Dandenong, Frankston and Geelong.

    Police will not say which regions they will target during this weekend’s blitz, which will include four booze buses, 30 police cars, highway patrol cars and motorbike police.


    This is an all out one - not part of the Community Policing programme so I suspect that they might come down pretty hard - while it's a bit early for many people in the Yarra Ranges (especially given the weather) I'd be inclined to take it easy.
  2. Thanx for heads up :wink:
  3. Fun weekend ahead.
  4. Heard Lay on the radio talking about this. He is giving me the impression, more and more, that he thinks of the general public as a collection of criminals in need of a lesson. Everyone is guilty and can be cured of their waywardness with a bit of punishment. Just my impression, of course.
  5. G'day everyone,....

    Well don't forget,..in this new age,.. : "inocent untill PROVEN GUILTY" is just old fasioned!

    You ARE GUILTY untill you prove otherwise!
    Thats the way the system thinks these days.

    We all need to learn our place and sit quietly in the corner!

    Dr Who?
  6. Thanks for the heads up, Tony.

    I think I heard that too, Titus. Got the same impression.
  7. bugger. my home ground. and me and "taking it easy" dont often occur in the same sentence.

    time to go bush :grin:
  8. How could we tell the difference to normal riding then? :p
  9. Thanks Tony........ Yeah there was a few full page ads for it in the Age this week. Will be taking it easy :cool:

    I understand all the crackdowns as authorities have to be seen to be doing something, But what they don't seem to be doing is giving people somewhere to take their vehicles...... sure Calder Park runs Friday nights but what about the southeast suburbs? It just shits me.

    rant over
  10. Calder hasn't run regular Friday nights for nearly 12 months now (ran Sundays instead) & nothing at all for nearly 6 months now........
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  12. saw 4 motorbike police today, could have been the same guy 4 times following me lol, but it was in frankston, then in bentleigh and then on the way home saw one in mordialloc. got a second look from a cop once, think he saw the l plate and checked that it was a 125. saw quite a few police cars aswell. not much fun when its just started raining, and im trying to concentrate on the road and the rain and traffic and ive got cops all over the shop.
    ah well, i spose its for the best, so they say
  13. Not often or quickly enough to be of any use though.
  14. I disagree? They posted last nights target by 7 PM? Or do they operate heavily during the day too? :)

    Honestly I don't think this is entirely bad - giving drivers using their phones fines is something I can stand behind, so long as they don't pick on us for no reason :p
  15. Really?? That is very poor.......... I retract my previous post.

    They cleaned up thursday night................ a Learner blowing 0.06 or something heard on the radio :shock:
  16. Not actually part of Operation Ardent but...

    A SENIOR TAC analyst blew almost three times the limit during a TAC-sponsored drink-drive crackdown, police allege.

    The 28-year-old Clifton Springs man was booked at the same time as Operation Ardent II over the weekend, the Geelong Advertiser reports.

    Police confirmed the embarrassing apparent slip-up by the TAC worker who was taken to Corio for a breath test but said the man was caught in a local operation and not the as part of the TAC-sponsored Operation Ardent II.

    more at: http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,25978166-661,00.html

    It's not a "slip-up". A slip-up might be .085 or so - by 0.143 you damn well know you're well over the limit!
  17. Now, if TAC are to retain ANY credibilty they should immediately suspend or sack him.
    A pretty good argument could be run that he has breached an implied condition of employment, seeing as how TAC demand this of others they are involved with and / or sponsor.
    (Same as they do to any Footballer / club).
  18. Yes, indeed. The World's Best Football Club lost TAC sponsorship because of the indiscretions of one of its players.

    And that's another issue - what business does TAC have sponsoring commercial operations (a footy club at that level isn't in it for the fun of it). The money should be spent on crash victims.
  19. MJT, you're very right but there's heaps of government departments that are spending money in advertising, often completely unnecesarily.

    F'n disgusts me.
  20. definately should be given the sack, with a huge press conference to announce it.

    I would love to have been in the board Meeting monday morning :LOL: