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[VIC] Police blitz on Pedestrians

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. All those of us who have had people step off the kerb against the light in the CBD should be happy about this one.

    (and it will probably give mad Harold something to complain about other than Front Number Plates :LOL: )

    27 March, 2008


    Pedestrians caught doing their dash will be fined as police continue to crack down on dangerous and unsafe pedestrian behaviour at a number of major city intersections and thoroughfares this week.

    Police started work on the enforcement phase of Operation Don’t Do Your Dash yesterday, and will continue today and tomorrow morning in the CBD, and along St Kilda Road and Royal Parade.

    During the first phase of the operation earlier this month, 520 pedestrians were warned and received printed reminders about the consequences of unsafe or dangerous pedestrian behaviour and crossing roads against signals.

    Last December more than 700 pedestrians were warned for dangerous pedestrian behaviour, and more than 220 infringement notices of $55 were handed out.

    The officer in charge of the operation, Inspector Paul Pottage, admitted the operation would not be popular amongst pedestrians, but said police wanted to remind people that unsafe pedestrian behaviour could result in death or serious injury.

    “Pedestrians who choose to ignore road signals and traffic lights can put themselves, and others, in great danger. Hopefully this operation will remind pedestrians to take care, and use designated crossings and obey road signals,†Insp Pottage said.

    In 2007, six pedestrians were killed within the City of Melbourne in 2007. In February 2008, six pedestrians were seriously injured when struck by vehicles and a further five pedestrians suffered minor injuries.

    Pedestrians represent one third of all persons seriously injured in road collisions within the CBD and St Kilda Road areas
  2. Should enforce the hoon law, and impound their shoes.
  3. I wish something like this would be done on liverpool rd in ashfield. So many times Ive had pedestrians ran out in front of me dangerously, also my gf has been unlucky enough to see a pedestrian get hit by a car there too (pedestrian was at fault).
  4. GAGF I stepped off the intersection of Collins and Exhibition while the light was GREEN, got just over the half way mark and the light flashed, was then told I should have stopped in the middle of the road on the island.

    ooh lets stop jaywakling in the city, time could be spent better IMO.
  5. It's either go after the pedestrians or drop the speed limit in the CBD to something like 10-20kph. Which would you prefer?
  6. I think Australia needs to steal the pedestrian crossings from San Franciso/San Jose, actually. You get the "green man" for a few seconds, and then it changes to red and displays a 'deathclock', counting down the seconds until you become road pizza. That way you know EXACTLY how much time you have to cross. You can still enter the crossing on the 'deathclock' countdown, if you're sure you'll make it. Brilliant idea.
  7. Anyone who crosses against the red man when there are uniformed police at the same intersection are asking to get booked. No sympathy,

    Anyway, this operation is run all the time, nothing new.
  8. How many accidents are caused by someone crossing on a red?? Show me the statistics!!!! I remember Whitlam Square in Sydney as being a high pedestrian accident place, cops blitzed it for a while with no measurable reduction?? OH that's right accidents happened at night time when everyone was pissed.

    Still not buying that this is an effective use of police resources. [-(
  9. Don't know how many were killed on red - but it certainly isn't just pissed people at night getting killed.
    Of the 41 pedestrians killed in Victoria last year more than half died between 8am and 6pm, with the most dangerous time actually being between 4pm and 5pm on a Tuesday. Night time fatalities were far to random to just be the usual Friday/Saturday drunk crowd.
    Forcing people to stop mid way across the road just because the light starts flashing is pretty stupid though, if it was such a problem why not make the green time longer (gotta be better than having people standing between moving cars and trams).
  10. LOL

    "sorry but i have to take this Nike air"
  11. Funny thing... I saw one of these... for the first time today, at kew junction on the side of high street.
  12. Matti you work in the CBD don't you??

    How many people do you see crossing at the lights when they shouldn't be and how many near misses have you seen??

    That's why there are so many 8am-6pm ped fatals.
  13. If you don't jaywalk, you're probably not from Melbourne.
  14. Really? In Sydney they just step out and dare the taxis to run them down, crossing or not.....
  15. yeah i was riding home today from seeing my girlfriend at about 5 o'clock.

    their just expecting in their heads that we're gonna stop for them.
    and one hot blond chick was about to cross but man .. jus cant imagine sumone that pretty gonna want to waste their life like that..
  16. carry a spare helmet :LOL:.......
  17. yeah tempting to get a spare helmet. so den i can jus pull out my P's and jus flick my finger for them to come towards me and get on ayz

    smart idea paul
  18. Just kidding mate, okay :wink:
  19. I think it's awesome. And we definitely need that sort of thing here in Sydney. Well, that, and at least a dozen of underground pedestrian crossings to be fair.
    Since I sold my bike a month ago, I've been commuting on foot (about 4 km's every day around CBD), so I know what it's like to be a pedestrian and my heart goes out to the poor buggers. But the way they behave themselves around the city is unacceptable and, in many cases, outright dangerous. A $55 fine isn't much, but it'll make them think next time they want to cross the road on red.
  20. Will they target peds who are crossing in an unsafe manner, or just anyone who doesn't cross at a marked crossing on a green light?

    I'll stand up *dons flame proof suit* and say that I pay bugger all attention to the pedestrian crossings and signals when I'm out on foot. I cross the road when it is safe, not when a little light says I can. This means many times I'd be crossing the road against lights, or away from marked crossing areas. It's not unsafe when I do, but if I were in Melbourne this would warrant me a fine? For getting where I want to go, without putting myself or anyone in danger?

    Of course Melbourne is completely different, there's an exponentially higher number of vehicles/peds, but the concept is the same? I don't worry about lights on most roads when I'm over there, I just go when it is safe for me to do so.