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[Vic] Police acknowledge something other than speed can kill. FMD!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. The last long weekend in Victoria saw a blitz of unprecedented proportions. Anti speeding PR was everywhere, Vicroads officers were roped into the campaign, thousands of drivers were infringed, <0.3% of tested drivers were found to trip up the BAC law and it garnered a whole metric shit load of negative PR for Vicpol and it's road safety campaign.

    What a change in tune this time!

    So no blitz this time even though the road toll is higher. That is interesting. So is the recognition that there are other reasons other than "speed" which can cause driver fatalities.

    The climate of FEAR created by the relentless campaign against drifitng above the limit by a few kilometres has resulted in regular distractions of focussing on one's speedo. It's been said for years by commentators and punters alike... are Vicpol finally listening?? Or is it because a blitz this weekend would result in mostly petty infringement notices landing in mailboxes right about the time of the election?? Sorry, I'm a cynic.

    The last line in the media release is a classic - the vast majority of those fatalities would have been at or below the speed limit - how has the untold extra resources, the ideological addiction to camera's, extra laser speed detecting equipment, extra TMU/highway patrol speed trap hours etc helped those poor souls out??


    The gist of the message is sound though, so if you're gonna go long distances, don't drive/ride while not alert. Rest up.
  2. So, the top three suspected killers are:

    1) fatigue,
    2) inattention,
    2.5) speed and
    3) distraction?


    Sorry, couldn't resist!
  3. anyone who takes speed while driving or riding is a dill anyway :LOL:
  4. Rob

    We all know, they will always put speed in as a factor.
    It's bred into the training of the police, other bodys, etc....
    Show people enough photos of torn up bodies, cars and then say "see if there were going slower damage would have been less" is an easy way to justify the speed as a factor message and increase speed cameras and lower tollerances.
    So of course everyone's been conditioned (brainwashed) into those lines. (A state revenue positive)
    This argument would justify making limits 40kph nationwide anywhere including freeways so when people have accidents they don't hit as hard!
    Although this would have an impact on less injuries we all know it's not the answer...

    I believe the best way to get the whole community on board is to have the broader community believing in the system in place which is not the case.
    Do a poll on what cameras are for, safety or revenue and guess what?
    Most will say revenue in a landslide!

    So how do we get the greater communtiy on side?
    Hmm, not as hard as it seems.

    Firstly, we stilll do need speed limits and they should be enforced but:

    Admit that it's poor decision, inattention, etc that causes accidents and speed will only have a bearing on the consequence.
    (An important difference to their current message and will go far towards getting everyone on side).

    Focus TAC adds on the real reasons.....
    Like distraction, drunk driving, inattention, poor driver decision, etc.

    Enforcements should appear to be within reason and without a doubt that an infringment is warranted.
    Rather than bullsh&ite like 3kph tollerance, reasonable leniency if required to go over the limit while overtaking, filtering at lights or in traffic, etc.
    (I have a long list I could add here!)

    Get rid of all the technical reasons why people get booked on the road.
    Eg: Random roadworthys are necesarry but on the road, stick to genuine reasons like bald tyres, etc. and not rubbish like hey, your fender is 2mm too high!

    It'll go a long way to getting full support of the community which I believe goes a long way to having everyone on board and just maybe make a difference out there.
  5. They would probably look at a gangland shooting and say "Now, the major factor in this incident was the speed of the bullet. If only a slower bullet was used we may have averted this tragedy."
  6. Interesting times between this & all the negative publicity speed cameras are receiving...

    It'll be interesting to see how the future pans out.
  7. Nobody wants a high road toll!

    Chief amongst our killer factors is Speed... speed and inattention.. Inattention and speed. Our two factors are speed and inattention... and fatigue. Our three factors are speed, inattention and fatigue... and driver distraction due to mobile phones.

    Our four factors are... uhh.. AMONGST our killer... Amongst our factors, are such elements as speed and...

    I'll come in again.
  8. Spots, I can just see John Cleese doing that! :grin:

    Bart, I was wondering about that myself! lol

    Good points Joe, but it'll never fly... it's too sensible. There's no revenue stream in it.
  9. Maybe they should educate the TAC about their stupid 'Speed is your greatest killer' (to that effect) signs that have all over the place ](*,) It's about as useful as telling someone to 'drive safely'. Can anyone tell me wtf that means?
  10. What about lack of skill, training and general incompetence?

    That tends to be the biggest one.

    I find having done a fair bit of highway driving that a lot of drivers get tunnel vision and are basically a passenger in their own car, rather than actually driving it.

    Having only recently installed cruise control in my own car, I wonder if it is all that bright to be letting low experience drivers using it. Especially those who have low experience on country roads - who might otherwise have 10 years or more driving experience.
  11. Interestingly, a few days ago I saw an ad with the tagline "Distracted drivers are dangerous drivers". Showed a bloke reading a street map, a mum with fighting kids in the back etc. First time I've seen one that wasnt speed, fatigue or alcohol related, though I watch very little commercial TV, so it might have been around for a while.

    Maybe we're seeing a bit of a national awakening to the fact that "Speed Kills", to the exclusion of all else, is bollocks.
  12. Don't crash.
  13. [sarc]but how rob? only thing i've been told is speed kills. so i will be safe if i dont do the speed limit? [/sarc]

    lolz my generation of drivers are all f'd in the head. i can only think of a few people that actually understand how to 'drive' a car, and funnily enough they all have a motorbike background.
  14. And there are the ones who dick with the radio, fumble around for their phone, read texts while driving and tailgate : "But I haven't had a speeding fine in X years! I AM a safe driver!" ](*,)
  15. That's GOLD! Gave me a laugh so thanks :D

  16. I laugh when people say "I've been driving since I was 17..." Riiiiight.....wrong ********...you may have had your licence since you were 17...add up all the hours you have driven since then and then come and talk to me about how much "driving experience" you have.
  17. People shouldn't drink Drive either.

    They'll end up foaming at the mouth drinking that washing powder :rofl:
  18. a small amount of speed is actually helpful for attention. true story.
  19. Good to see fatigue and distraction being mentioned as crash contributors.

    But since there is no test available to cops to assess fatigue or distraction.. and speed is something far more detectable.. no guesses for what they'll actually be pulling people over for.

    For once I'd like to see police pull over sloppy drivers, eg. poor lane discipline, not leaving a buffer zone sufficient to stop (tailgating), failure to recognise hazards until they're right on top of them, etc. Penalties should be compulsory attendance to driver ed courses, not fines/points.

    But its much easier (and profitable) to enforce strict adherence to arbitrary numbers..
  20. I once saw a guy so tired from driving he fell asleep at the drive through window :|

    It's dangerous as hell to drive tired but the police can't really tell unless they pull them over and even then what can they really do? It's not like speeding or drink driving where there is a numerical limit that they can exceed.