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Vic Pol Helmets not kosher ???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, May 6, 2005.

  1. Interesting item on the 3AW Rumour File this morning.

    Caller stated that the helmets worn by the Victoria Police Motorcycle Units are not to the current Australian Standard :shock:

    I don't know if anyone from Vic Pol called in later to confirm of deny the claim but makes you think, doesn't it :!:
  2. They use Schuberth flip-face helmets don't they or am I thinking of some other group?
  3. I seem to remember...
    I thought VicPlod riders used (or used to) wear Lazers
    which definitely are approved
  4. do laws apply to cops too? you wouldn't hear of it... :p
  5. That sounds interesting...haven't seen the Schuberths anywhere in AU, strange, really, with them being such a popular item in EU/US.
  6. Absolute rubbish.
    They use the bmw system 4 helmets that come supplied with their bikes. (R1150rt)
    I had a lengthy conversation with a mc cop a few weeks back when I bought my new bmw helmet from southbank motorcycles.
    Have to say he is a rider first and cop second.
    His favourite action is to book cars but leaves most riders alone except for the really stupid types.
    He also told me they only have 3 unmarked police bikes left.
    The others have been de commissioned as they approach 30,000 kms.
  7. Man, 30000km, would that be particularly hard riding or cruising? Wouldn't mind getting my hands on a boxer with only that on the clock if it's mostly cruising!!!
  8. Are the BMW helmets made by Schuberth then or am I losing my mind (quite likely)?
  9. Yes they are made by Schuberth.
    Schuberth on their own don't sell helmets in Asutralia but do supply them under the BMW brand complete with Australian standards.

  10. The bloke reckoned their clutches are abused as they do a lot of training and city riding with shitloads of stop start and hard acceleration.
    If you buy one they sell em at auction but be prepared to fork out on a clutch.
  11. Probably is.

    I'm only repeating what I heard so you all could hear about it.

    Being a public service group there is no way Vic Pol would have any equipment that didn't meet the relevant standards.
  12. maybe it all came about because some disgtruntled rider couldn't see a sticker on a copper's helmet...