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VIC Vic Pol calls for etags to help catch speeding motorcyclists

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/mo...-speeding-bikies/story-fn7x8me2-1226169081446

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    <sigh> Talk about skewed numbers. Given my breakdown of their submission, I would be the very surprised if they got the numbers right.

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  2. Ive found out over the last couple of days that 10kmh over the limit keeps me away from ****knuckle cagers "Blind" spots (IE anywhere they didnt look, several times over this weekend those blind spots were literally next to the drivers head) so yes, a little bit of speed IS safer. I thought that way when i was in the car, i KNOW it on the bike.
  3. age has a crap-er article on it.
  4. .

    Singled out motorcyclists?? Cars and all other vehicles are identified by a number plate, surely all this idea would do would be to bring bikes to the same standard of identification as other vehicles?

    Front-facing number plates were a pain, though, I lost count of the number of times I cut my hand on them while washing the bike :LOL:.
  5. State's bikers escape fines - The Age

    Wow, I didn't know half of us got away with it. I blame the scooter riders who can easily reach around with their left hand... :p

    Also, I don't mind protective clothings but please, compulsory high vis vests?

  6. Re: State's bikers escape fines - The Age

    what are they going to do? force numberplates onto bikes that weren't designed by them?

    i don't think so tim.

    have a crash? blame it on the numberplate and sue, surely a good lawyer could get you that?

    as for the protective gear thing, good luck.
  7. Re: State's bikers escape fines - The Age

    next we will have to rent mobile billboards to follow us around pointing out there is a motorcyclist in the area.
    on a serious note, the fact that they are proposing hi vis gear is admitting drivers are incompetent and will not look out for riders. another reason to keep pushing the SMIDSY campaign.
  8. Cars aren't electronically tracked..
  9. Re: State's bikers escape fines - The Age

    You know what I'm surprised they didn't recommend going back to the days of the first cars and requiring all bikes to have a a man walking in front waving a red flag.
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  10. Not suprised at the call. The cops have to say that. Rob set them straight on the practicality vs the stats
  11. I guess that is a bit of a catch 22. I have no problems admitting to that however i would not want to make it more difficult for others :/
  12. More difficult for yourself as you will get a front number plate as well.

    I deleted my message if you want to amend yours

    The call for etags on bikes for infringements shows how little thought they have put into it. They dont work on bikes because of vibration and rain.
  13. Re: State's bikers escape fines - The Age

    What is the number of cars that makes up this 6 percent? It's fine to tell us the small percentage, but, I wouldn't mind betting that the number is still close to the MC number (if not bigger).
  14. Re: State's bikers escape fines - The Age

    quoting homer simpson.

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  15. Re: State's bikers escape fines - The Age

    With the number of towbars and bikeracks i see across number plates I wouldn't be surprised.
  16. STFU and let them find out the hard way :wink:

    Nah, it's the thin end of a very, very large wedge.
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  17. Re: State's bikers escape fines - The Age

    Given the number of pedestrians running out in front of me in the city this morning, I would gladly have a thin sharp piece of metal on the front of my bike to thin the herd somewhat.
  18. Ill be fine thanks. Havent daid anything i dont stand by. Unsure how they would justify slapping plates on bikes just off one forum post. If i get a fine for doing what i do thats fair enough, i was speeding, it would be up to me to decide to fight it or not but id rather be fighting against a speeding fine than fighting for my life because i didnt and got wiped out.
  19. Re: State's bikers escape fines - The Age

    Marcus Wigan did a hatchet job on them this morning on 3AW.

    I've just done a brief interview with RRR which may be on the 12 o'clock news. I pointed out the bizarre fact that while the TAC and VicPol were calling for this, the VicRoads submission pointed out that neither FNPs nor RFID were feasible.

    I also pointed out that other places seem to get by without it - what makes VicPol so unique?

    Hopefully they'll edit out some of the rambling... :)

    I also sent the following brief letter to The Age

    As someone involved with motorcycle safety it is extremely disappointing to see the same old mantra of "frontal identification" coming from Victoria Police and the TAC. It is especially so when both of these parties have been privy to the studies that have occurred in the past; studies which VicRoads at least are aware of.

    In the submission from VicRoads to the Inquiry we have an explicit admission that neither frontal identification nor Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) are viable solutions. The VicRoads proposal for better camera designs (already in use in other jurisdictions both in Australia and Internationally) makes far more sense.
  20. I'm SO SICK of hearing this statistic. They spend 90% of their time focusing on 14% of the road toll. We're in a more vulnerable situation. Of course it's going to be more dangerous IF we have an accident. We KNOW this. We ACCEPT this. Why TF can't they!
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    I asked the question in there too; they say that 49% of MC could not be identified (equates to ~10000) but only 6% of cars could not be identified. I would like to know what that 6% equates to?! I suspect it would be at least the same 10000 number. Happy to be corrected.