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Vic Pol at it's finest

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by waedwe, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. And we think us motorbikes cop it for hoon behaviour, What a dog act and 1 of them is still in the force. Wasn't sure to put this in politics and law or here so erred on it being more general off topic


  2. Went viral on utoob when SMH published the story yesterday.

  3. tip of the iceberg really. Those guys are lucky the camera wasn't 'knocked'
  4. "The court was told Farrell had experienced trauma on duty including being shot at."

    The two victims, albeit PITA yobs that they probably are, have now suffered the trauma of being beaten, and beaten by those whose authority as cops they had to cower before. When those victims go and beat up some police officers are they going to have no conviction recorded, get to keep their career which requires them to have no record of violence, and simply get some community work, and have the newspaper focus on their perspective? The violent cops who get away easily with this stuff are not the only ones who throw police and the law into disrepute....
  5. another day in the office...
  6. They could always put it on their resumes for a job as a bouncer at a casino.

    Reminds me of something a former workmate said. "If one cop is corrupt, and nothing is done about it, then all cops are corrupt."

    One thing I love about where I live, the police here are really good. Even had a chat to one about bikes when a friend was getting an RBT. Found out the cop doing the RBT had a XL883L (I ride a XL1200X).
  7. Pretty disgusting footage.
  8. By way of this precedent, speeding should now get about 2 hours community service and no demerit points.
  9. David Bray and Ryan "Spud" Boyd did late-night burnouts outside the Mansfield police station.

    didnt deserve their heads kicked in like this.............. but still, that is a pretty big statement that they dont give a rats about the law or how society operates. that or brain damged
  10. Armchair lawyer here. Community service is definitely a conviction. And in the fact of them pleading guilty they convicted themselves. No it's not a gaol term, but that isn't required for conviction.

    It happens, the huge WA case gave solid coverage to both sides iirc.
  11. Just let me get up from my chair, now let's see: The Age stated Bell "received a 12-month community-based order with no conviction recorded and must do 60 hours community work".


    The community work means nothing. For many of us a conviction might ruin our careers.

    That's what I mean. It happens too often.
  12. i don't envy the cops posted at that station. under manned and out gunned.
    it's LOTR up there and that is how you deal with Orcs.
    because that is the language they understand.
    sorry, but if you want to be one of the very few cops with that huge territory to police, you need to be badass and you need people to know you're a badass if anyone wants to start trouble in your town. because help is a long way away.
    not much sympathy for the orcs, myself.
  13. This is less than they would have gotten 20 yrs ago. They would have been beaten with Phone books etc.

    It is just covered more due to all the cameras around now adays. So not even the cops can get away with it.