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[VIC] Played spot the cop yesterday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. A friend and I decided to go out for a little pootle around the hills yesterday, usually Saturday is a good day to go out cos the heros generally stick to Sundays and there's not too much around to get in the way.

    We found ourselves running the Spur loop for shits 'n' giggles and it's been a while since I've seen the Reefton or Marysville. I had forgotten how beautiful they are and why so many people are attracted to them.

    The Black Spur is still just as stunning a piece of road as it's ever been, even though it's tainted now.

    Coming back into Healesville was a different story though. More cops than you can poke a stick at. They were set up in three different locations heading out of town towards the Spurs and were in 'make presence felt' mode.

    I heard from a friend who did Warby - Reefton it was the same on the other side.

    All up there were ten plus units in the area which is a lot of resource by anyone's standards. So playing spot the cop was a fairly simple game.

    The kicker though was the police helicopter was deployed in the area. That one is a little harder to spot unless you're doing wheelies.

    I wonder how much it costs to run that thing per hour? and I wonder if it was worth it?

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  2. Sounds like it was more a game of "spot the civilian" then, eh?
  3. Very much so, although that was easy, they were the ones who weren't harassing the riders.
  4. I think it must have been some sort of unofficial blitz weekend. On the 10 minute trip to pick up my Mrs. on Friday night I counted 3 oinkys with cars pulled over, and a booze bus that must have had about 10 marked and unmarked cars at the approach and departure points. There was that much pork milling around I thought there must have been some sort of massive multiple stock truck accident.
  5. all pigs can kiss my ass :butt:
  6. i've given up riding the spurs & GOR on weekends. mid-week rides on RDO's/sickies/annual leave is the only way to go. way too much police presence.
  7. I heard they had a 'mega blitz' down your way over the weekend, and from what i've been told it's a traveling show (much like a circus) that could turn up anywhere.

    The days of announcing their blitzes are long gone, now it's more of a 'blitz grieg'.

    If they keep losing the war on the roadtoll, they'll eventually have to call a state of emergency and call in the reserves.
  8. Shhhh :-$

    (I hear ya, I did something similar)
  9. I like waving/nodding at them and watching their reactions...
  10. They'll probably try to dick you for not maintaining control of the vehicle if you wave.
  11. I was told the cops on the gor were hiding in the bushs. I tried spotting some on my trip this weekend but couldn't locate any of them in the bush.
  12. "They'll probably try to dick you for not maintaining control of the vehicle if you wave."

    To which I'll say screenshot or it didn't happen..
  13. They must have a friggen huge budget then, cause that thing has been buzzing the inner northern suburbs for several hours every night for the last two weeks. To the extent that it's impossible to sleep.

    All because a coupla miscreants dare to break curfew.
  14. Sensational effort VicPol. 47 motorcyclists have died so far this year, only 8 are in areas related to the "fun roads" - about half maybe due to their own errors... but these are the roads being blitzed. :roll: This is nothing more than trying to reduce the road toll by reducing motorcycling exposure by taking riders off the road for any reason.

    :idea: Hello VicPol, the increased road toll has very little to do with increase lawlessness. :roll:
  15. Depending what sort of chopper but a bubble chopper(farmers chopper) around $300.00 an hour obviously something bigger is going to be more
  16. Fancy using a Blackhawk.....are we that bad they need 50 cal miniguns?

    I myself didn't get out on the weekend but still saw enough fairy lights in Commodores to think something's up - they've been heavy in Cranbourne for a fair while as it seems locals have trouble steering a straight line on the Sth Gippy.

    Hoping to get out midweek as Murphy's law dictates my non-access weekends need to rain ](*,)
  17. "The kicker though was the police helicopter was deployed in the area. That one is a little harder to spot unless you're doing wheelies."

    You must have tracked his progress for a fair percentage of his joyflight then.....
  18. The chopper was there to take people to hospital when people fixate on the cops and crash over a barrier
  19. The recent addition to the police air wing was a $16m chopper with all the bells and whistles as reported in the HUN not long ago. I can't find any running cost info though, but it's gotta be in the $1000/hr ball park: Two trained pilot coppers + fuel + air time + the prorated maintenance cost + facilities + landing charges etc etc
  20. Nah mate not a bubble chopper, a dauphin police helicopter. This one.....


    I think Robbie's estimate might be closer to the mark.

    It's nice to know we're being watched over, i always wanted a big brother.