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[VIC] Pink Ribbon Ride Victoria, Sun Oct 25th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Dan Mumby

    Departing from Bendigo, Ballarat, Whittlesea, Geelong, Werribee, Port Melbourne, Brighton, Fern Tree Gully, dandenong (Lyndhurst) and Baxter. All rides are scheduled to arrive at the Point Cook Town centre at around 11am.

    More details, goto http://www.pinkribbonride.com.au/pink-ribbon-ride/map-to-the-2009-pink-ribbon-motorcycle-ride

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  2. The Pink Ribbon Ride is a motorcycle event that raises awareness and funds for The Cancer Council Victoria and takes place on Sunday OCTOBER 25th 2009. We have starting locations from 9 locations around Victoria. Riders are expected to arrive at Point Cook around 11am.

    Point Cook Motorcycle club together with the Point Cook Town Centre has organised a festival at Point Cook. The main roads will be closed off to traffic with only motorcycle parking on these roads. Entertainment will be provided by local schools, Mr Greg Evans and music bands including Retromax. There will be some motorcycle related traders showing their wares at the centre.
    Riders pay $20 entree to the ride and everyone is encouraged to purchase some raffle tickets. Prices for the raffle are supplied by our corporate sponsors. These include a $400 advanced rider training package at Broadford racetrack from Stay Upright, clothing from Girl Rider and others. Our goal this year is to raise in excess of $30.000.00 for the Cancer Council Victoria.
    We ask that you make this ride part of your ride calendar, spread the word, invite your friends and make sure that your motorcycle club takes part.

    Meeting 8am Town Hall sturt St.


    Meeting 8.30am Safeway car park Baxter-Tooradin Rd (Opposite Railway Station)

    Meeting 8am Bunnings Kangaroo Flat

    Meeting 9.30am 819 Nepean Hwy
    Ferntree Gully

    Meeting 8.30am Ferntree Gully Hotel

    Meeting 9.30am Mercer Str.

    Meeting 8.30am Cnr Westernport Hwy & Thompsons Rd

    Meeting 9.30 Shell service centre Westgate Freeway (Geelong bound)

    Meeting 9am Cnr Church St & Laurel St
    Arrive at Point Cook Town Centre around 11am
  3. There is a group of us, some NR Members, meeting with the Bendigo group.

    Hope to see some you you guys there.
  4. Is anyone leaving from Brighton?
  5. I will be and I dare say there may be a few others to, check closer to the date
  6. I'll be there. Any excuse for a ride, and for a good cause.

  7. Great. I'm bringing 2 more with me.
  8. If SWMBO hasn't got anything we can't get out of planned for that day I'll be there. I may even be able to get SWMBO along on her Bandit. :)
  9. I'm not sure I'd be able to travel the entire distance in the one "sitting"

    It's at least 6km for me
  10. hi uncosnail plus others this is a fab ride I have a best mate suffering from this terrible disease and me and the bike will be pinked up to the max. I will see you at ferntree gully hotel Julie. Looking forward to it, a great cause!

    hope to see fellow netriders there with pinked up bikes and or gear of course!
    lets hope the weather is kind!
  11. I won't be there, I would have liked to go as had a sister in law who died of this over a year ago, but I will be in Sydney, competing with my dog in dock jumping, they are paying me $500, for my dog to run and jump off a pier into the water.
  12. BTW re the directions post,

    the Baxter-Tooradin road post has Bendigo as well as the correct Bunnings Bendigo one.
  13. I'm in.

    If I'm up early enough i'll ride out to whittlesea, if not it's the
    Westgate shell.

    See you all in pink.

  14. Will be there :)..

    Not sure if SID and the Gixxer are going to like being pimped in PINK though :twisted:

    It's for a good cause , so they will just have to get over it :p

    now just to work out which point we will leave from hmmmmm
  15. I'll be working there:-w, so please be nice and say hi.
  16. A few of us are leaving from Brighton
    Meeting at 9.00am
    819 Nepean Hwy (MEL 77B2)
  17. Me and My sis coming. Leaving from Ferntere Gully Hotel....might have to find a pink ribbon to tie to my mirrors.

    Bikechickadee...any other netriders leaving from FGH ?
  18. yeah I'll be there on a black and gold gixxer 1K with my partner
  19. Hi Tim,

    Saw a black n gold gixxer at FGH but no one around. Then the signal to start up and when next I looked up it was gone !!

    Thought there would be more bikes at Point Cook, I think the riders from FGH made up at least 30%+....maybe the initial sprinkle from the heavens put a few people off.

    Anyway a nice day..and the sun came out to play.

    Thanks to the organisers...I will remember to put a tad more pink on my bike as felt a little under-dressed compared to some !!
  20. Hope we were nice. Good to see so much support.