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[VIC] Pink Ribbon Ride 2006, Sun Oct 22nd

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Bron

    Get your motor running, and help raise much needed funds
    for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

    This is the fourth year that this fantastic event will take place in Melbourn...

    ... more

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  2. Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride 2006 is go!!

    Registrations are now being taken online at www.prmr.org.au

    Book early, save $5.00, get your enamel badge (only available with early registration), and order your tshirt at the same time!

    Early bird registrations go into our draw for a brand new helmet and gloves, courtesy of our friends at Bikemart Ringwood (thanks Brian and Max).

    This year is going to be BIG!
  3. Do i have to wear my ANZ top again Bron? :grin:
  4. Only if you REALLY want too......... I have a better idea though, jump on to www.prmr.org.au and order a Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride tshirt instead!!

  5. So you only get your pin if you pre book??? :shock: [-X
  6. Let me give you the tip Hun, that day is of certain significance to us so you won't be working any BBQ stand this year ;) :cheeky:
  7. Yep, you got it in one Deb :)

  8. quick n00b question.. how far is the ride? Do they usually stop over for petrol?
  9. About 40km, and no.
  10. I said luv, I said hunny, I said babe, I said snookums :roll:
    Dave, I think you've just been told "Mrs Flipper" :LOL: :LOL: :p
  11. Woohoo ... lookin' forward to this years Pink Ribbon Ride .. just hope I don't cook me motor and blow the head gasket going up the bloody Mountain Highway like I did last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    If it's takin' the same route at the same speed this year I'll meet ya's somewhere along the way!!!
  12. Just ordered our T-Shirts online, not bad for only $15 delivered :grin:
  13. Oh well, at least i wont have to put up with the moody bastards who had to wait for the sausages to cook on the so called 'bbq' like last year.
    After all, it is suppose to be a charity event.
  14. http://www.prmr.org.au/details.htm

    Download the official map!! About 67klms (one way) Route has been finalised in conjunction with Vic Police. This year, we hope to have a green corridor ride with support from Vic Roads, but we will not be going over Mt Dandenong. Should be a smooth trip, with minimal delays.

    Meeting point at Bunnings Warehouse has a servo right next door.

    Come on Netriders - Pre register and save $5.00 (it will be $20.00 on the day) You only get your enamel badge with pre registration.. :grin:

  15. My partner and I are in...
    trying to find pink things for the TTR now..
    Thank you for the heads up.. its a very close to heart concern and glad to find out about the ride early.. might be my first NR ride.. see you there.. al
  16. Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride (Vic) Inc has some exciting news about our major raffle prize!

    We cant tell you yet until our raffle permit is finalised, lets just say First Prize has 2 wheels and is NOT a scooter!

    "Official" announcement coming soon....

  17. Got any news on the T-Shirts? We ordered and paid for 2 tops on August the 8th.
    10 days later....nothing :(
  18. I think the order said allow 2 weeks for delivery/shipping - T's are expected from the printer any day now - as soon as we have them I will personally deliver Deb.. :grin:

  19. Cheers, thanx for that Bron.
    Will buy a few raffle tix too, not that I will want 1st prize..... ;)

    1st Prize - Honda CBF250 Motorcyle & HART Training Course Package.
  20. Hey Birdrock if you want some company on the way to Bunnings for the start of the Pink Ribbon Ride PM me , I come past your place on the way anywhere from my place. :)