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[VIC] Picnic at Hanging Rock, Sun Feb 11th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: JD

    This event, now in its 20th year, is expected to attract more than 2,500 classic cars, hotrods and bikes to the Hanging Rock Reserve near Woodend (about 1 hour drive from Melbourne). Gates open from 8am with admission costing $20 per car and just $5 p...

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  2. the entry fee in aid of anything in particular???

    could be a possibility... many bike or mainly cars??
  3. What if I get lost? :eek:hno: :eek:hno: 8-[
  4. then head past and pull in at Kyneton... i'll lend you a map to find your poor lost way back to the big smoke :p

    LOST...... nowhere to get lost up here... just nice roads.
  5. I don't actually have anything to do with this event so don't know where the money goes - I imagine most of it would simply go towards the cost of hosting it (ie booking out the site, getting Police to direct traffic, paying to have ambos on site etc.). It is mostly a car event, I'll likely be putting my MR2 on show again :grin:. But there was at least a hundred or so bikes on display last year - mostly Harleys but also a fair few classic British and Jap bikes. There's some pics of last years event in this thread:
    The official website for the event (complete with photos from the last few years) is:
  6. I was refering to this. :wink:

    Trailer. :)
  7. You do realise the film was based on a book which was written nearly a decade earlier. Actually the book did have an ending - which the author decided to remove. Probably just as well given that the solution to the mystery was:
    "Driven giddy by some supernatural suggestion of the monolith, they throw their corsets over the cliff, though they never fall to the bottom and instead hang in space in an impossible fashion. The girls and Miss McCraw notice a mystical "hole in space". Marion, Miranda, and Miss McCraw transform into small snakes and crawl into a hole in the rock, which another boulder then covers, leaving Irma alone and clawing at the fallen rock."
    And no I'm not making that up :shock:.
  8. That's possibly the worst ending I've ever heard. :shock: Good thing I'm not much of a reading type. :)
  9. Man - I love that place & the film - but yes - that's a rather poor ending to say the least :shock:

    And damn to boot - won't be here on the 11th :(
  10. Obviously had access to far better drugs than we did. :roll:
  11. sorry if i'm barging in on a personalish conversation, but better drugs in the 1900s? probably the real, original absynth. that stuff is credited with a lot of trippy creations around then, and that ending sure fits the bill.

    I won't able to come, but for anyone that wants to know, it's a very cool place to go, and the roads around are most certainly a lot of fun, i've been haunting the area since i was about 12 on a pushbike to start with, but i've moved up since then :)
  12. I'll be going to this.
  13. Well after hearing what JD had to say about this event I'm scratching my head wondering if I should go.

    I wonder if the kids will hate me if I drag them along? :twisted:
  14. Anyone going to this from the Greensborough and surrounding areas and want to meet up somewhere at about 10am?
  15. Its no more than a 50min trip , im planning to go there after midday for a brief look-see and a visit to the food stalls.
  16. Count me out for this one due to a certain GPX breaking down on the freeway this evening and now sitting useless in my garage until it can be seen to :?
  17. I will be working at the Mobil Service station in Romsey from 5pm to 10pm if anyone is passing by and needs to fill up! I saw all the cars going up today
  18. My Mate/ Owner of Rodders Life
    will be Filming up there today

    walk up to the camera Guy and ask for Mike
    (not sure who is with him today )

    and say
    '' Gidday Mike ''

    JoJo said TO :LOL:

    he will ring me and say what have you been up to Now
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Almost didn't go this year due to the fact that it was raining this morning (and I figured even though I was taking the car there might not be much of a turnout). Luckily I decided to go anyway, albeit later than normal, and was greeted by clear skies and sunshine once I was past Newlyn :grin: . Passed a lot of bikes on the way including a large group of Ducatis and what I suspect may have been a Ulysses gathering in Daylesford (judging by the number of large tourers and maxi-scooters). Weather at the Rock was good until sometime after 1 when a nearby thunderstorm brought lightning and a light shower which sent many scurrying for home (particularly those without a roof). Skies soon cleared though which made for perfect conditions for taking the long way home (twisties can be just as much fun on four wheels ;)). For those that didn't make it here's a pic which may give some idea of the turnout of bikes (and their numbers are small compared to the number of cars).