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[VIC] Picinic at Hanging Rock Feb 12 - Now with Photos

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. I know it's not officially a bike event (although there's usually a fair turnout of bikes) but just wondering who'll be going along to this years Picnic at Hanging Rock. For those who don't know what I'm talking about details can be found here, basically it's a chance to drool over a large number and variety of cars. Been to the last 2 and it's definately worth the trip, at this stage I'll probably be putting my car on display again this year rather than ride up (look out for the white SW20 MR2).

  2. I recall riding in the area at a similar time last year with Sgt Scumbag. There were absolutely heaps of cars and bikes heading there. Should be a great event.
  3. They've changed the entry this year too, display cars can now get in through two entrances which should reduce the traffic jam of previous years. Had to queue for nearly an hour last year (let bikes lanesplit past though), only entertainment was looking at all the cars that had overheated and pulled off the road (mostly modified v-8s).
  4. :eek: MIRANDA! :eek:

    :eek: MIRANDA! :eek:
  5. For those that didn't go you missed out on a great day, perfect weather and improved traffic management meant no lengthy queues to get in (at least not for exhibitors). Bigger turnout than last year of both cars AND bikes - mostly cruisers (Harleys) and a few classsics but I guess if you want to look at modern sportsbikes the best place would be a track day (or showroom, or overpriced cafe :p).
    Photos (downsized for dialup users like me):
    My car on display
    A sea of chrome
    Overview of the bike display
    Another overview
    Kawasaki Z1300 (6-cylinder)
    Norton Commando
    BSA Rocket 3
    No idea what this is - anyone have an ideas, it certainly looked like its covered a lot of k's.