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[VIC] Philip Island cruise, Sat Sep 12th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Sheri

    Hi all. I am running a ride down to Philip Island to visit the legendary Bikers Gear store in Cowes.They sell all manner of mbike clothing, boots , jackets and bags.Plenty of time to buy what you want. Google Bikers Gear and you can window shop first f...

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  2. If the weather is fine I be there, do you have any idea how many people going to turn up?
  3. Same for me. Good weather and I'll be there.
  4. Want/Need some leather pants. I assume the idea is to have plenty of time to look and buy at Bikers Gear.

    Might be in on this one! So far weather looks good for Saturday.
  5. V8s are on that weekend.
  6. They are currently out of stock of my size (34/36) and style in the leather pants. More stock arriving on Friday.

    So will depend if they have my size/style as to whether or not I come for the ride.

    Might be worth an email/call to check if you are specifically going to buy something.

    See you,
  7. Also the ASBK are doing 2 10 lap races both Saturday and Sunday.
  8. thanx but can't make this one as doing the Walhalla trip. Is going to be very windy on Saturday.
  9. Is this still happening?

    Pretty quiet thread.
  10. have a good trip :)
  11. ideas of numbers?
    and wind is gonna be terrible saturday.
  12. Guessing ride is dead.

    Anyone, anyone. Bueller?
  13. Sorry but didn't make the ride in the end.

    Trust everyone who did hade a good time.
  14. Did this ride even happen?