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VIC permit question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by simon varley, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. hi guys and gals,

    hope you can help me with what is probably a really daft question. We've been over for two years from England, and I already had my full license so I've not had to go through the Vic rider training process. However my wife has her license test booked for the end of Feb, and we're trying to work out just what is involved. Am I right in thinking there is NOT and on-road assessment required?

    sorry for posting a daft question as my first post - is there an intro section to the forum that i've missed?


  2. Correct, no on road assessment. Very basic test actually, and all done at the training/licencing facility. If she can ride at all she will have no problem passing.
  3. fantastic. probably explains some of the bad riding I've seen then.......
  4. :shock: :shock:
    FFS will You STOP following ME !
  5. In NSW you do on and off road training

    but the final test is off road (but not in the dirt)

    has England still got that tiny 125cc limit? how do fat people like myself pass a test over there? the bike wouldnt get up to 25kph in the short go stop test
  6. did you mean licence or learner test ? both off road, but learner includes questions on road craft based on Vic Rider hanbook available from Vic roads or newsagents, small example test on VicRoads web site. Must hold learners for minimum of 3 months B4 licence test