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[VIC] Peoples Republic of Moreland M/C Strategy

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Something that has come up in the various motorcycle stuff I've been involved with is the lack of any coherent motorcycle strategies amoing local government in Australia. Many UK Councils have good motorcycle strategies but (with very rare exceptions such as the Shire of Yarra Ranges and the Melbourne City Council) we don't even rate a mention in the transport strategies of most councils.

    In addition to the Victorian Motorcycle Transport and Safety Strategy on a state basis, I'd like to start pushing local councils to act.

    I'm starting the ball rolling by meeting with the Beloved Leader of the Peoples Republic of Moreland (my local council) next week. it helps that I happen to live in his ward :wink:

    Now I know there's a goodly number of powered two wheelers in the Brunswick, Coburg, Preston etc. areas and that there's also a goodly number of them on this forum.

    I'll be preparing an agenda over the next couple of days. My thrust will be road use and road sharing issues, parking and planning. I'm also dragging along Perry Stephens (Ulyssian and member of Inner Northern RoadSafe) to talk about notorcycle safety issues.

    I would appreciate hearing if there are any particular points that people here in the Peoples Republic would like me to raise.

    Please bear in mind that the major roads such as freeways, Sydney Road, Lygon St etc are VicRoads and not council maintained.

  2. That doesn't stop them from voicing their opinion (and making plans) about what they want to see done on them. Several councillors have supported recent calls from a cycle group to put a covered, weatherproof, cycle-only lane up and down Sydney Road.

    My only concern right now is that they do NOT follow Yarra in installing kazillions of speed bumps with those stupid adjacent bendable posts.

    Actually, I have another one (and it's a pet subject of mine) - right turn arrows. Lots of them. Green ones, not red ones. Now. If a cager knows he/she is going to get a chance to get a cross safely they'll be less inclined to perform suicidal lunges in front of me.
  3. I totally agree...
    Right turn treatments at intersections are very high on the motorcycle safety list. There's been quite a few of them added in motorcycle black spots in the metropolitan area.
  4. General road maintenance would be good Tony, damn pot holes and crap patch up jobs in Reynard St. Coburg and Albion St. Brunswick.

    Would like to use the Railway bike path too. :)
  5. I live in the south but things like decent lockable parking at train stations for scooter commuters, use of bus and pushie lanes would be good.
  6. motorcycle parking spots around council buildings (like gyms) would be nice. or even a policy on motorcycle parking. (it gets a bit arbitrary as they can argue its private property and our footpath parking rule doesn't apply).
    just got told that where I usually park at the gym is required for ambulance access (even though its not signposted) and I could be fined for obstructing it. the current signage ignores bikes. there was a no parking zone on the road but nothing on the footpath behind it. no parking zones are usually good as we can park closer to the rd.
    a reminder that many of us are quite well off and we will spend our money where there is good bike access mightn't hurt.
    the current push for bicycles from councils doesn't help older people where scooters are the more likely option to a car.
  7. You can't be fined if it's not signposted that motorcycles can't park there. That's the sort of bullsh1t excuse that people think up because they think bikes look untidy.

    I had a note on my bike a while back telling me not to park where I do because patients from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Hospital walk up to the cafe with their drips attached and they have trouble getting past.

    Sounds fair - except.

    I had an office window overlooking that spot for 6 years and I never saw anyone.

    I had 6 months off last year having chemotheraphy with several hospital stays and I could guarantee that there was no way any hospital would let an oncology patient walk 400 metres over a rough footpath with a drip in. And there's no way any patient would want to...

    The caretaker of the expensive apartments I park in front of had already claimed he had the right to stop bikes on the footpath parking there and he didn't want them there because they looked "untidy". He was pretty soon disabused of that idea. :twisted:

    The cafe has no recollection of ever serving anyone who was obviously a patient...

    I'd ask the gym how often they had ambulances there and suggest to them if they have a frequent need then they must be doing something very wrong... :LOL:
  8. I haven't had to move my bike for an ambulance for 3 years!

    But its fair enough. They have gym for old people and sometimes they keel over, classes for pregnant women, and lots of disabled people use the gym and pool for therapy.

    We now park just outside the main door.
  9. Hi Tony,

    I had a big speel written out and then my PC crashed :roll: , so instead I'll just summarise ;)

    * road condition around tram tracks especially at junctions is terrible - eg Gilbert Rd and Bell St. Moon craters in some sections...

    * Roadworks going on near cr Miller St and St Georges Rd. Old lanemarkings need to be removed immediately as I've had numerous cars merge into me because they are following the old ones (honest mistake IMO)

    * white painted lines are v slippery in Preston especially. More glass additive needed?

    * Traffic Lights @ Intersection of St Georges and Murray Rd AS WELL AS St Georges and Bell St (turning lane headed south) do not always pick up bikes no matter how many times I roll back and try again.

    * General driver behaviour towards bikes especially poor in Preston. Perhaps because of high new australian demographic not being trained to look for bikes? Perhaps a campaign in the local paper?


    Cheers mate
  10. OK - I've just come back from my meeting with the Mayor (and transport planner and etc. etc. ) of the City of Moreland and I believe we may have a real winner on our hands.

    To say I got a sympathetic reception was an understatement. I took Perry Stephens along (Ulyssian and Inner Northern Road Safe Member and we had a very fruitful discussion with Joe Caputo (the Mayor) and a couple of his senior executives, including the Transport Planner.

    We talked about roaduse and road-sharing issues (filtering etc. etc.) and I gave them a heap of information on this. We discussed Austroads 15 (The stuff from Austroads about road maintenance and motorcycles). I'm going to forward a list to them of some maintenance problems (Thanks to those fellow Morlandians who posted stuff up). No promises but at least we can get them on the radar.

    Parking got a mention as well. There is much of Moreland with very narrow footpaths in the strip shopping areas and one of the things we'll look at is dedicated motorcycle parking in some places.

    More importantly - We will be working with the Council to develop an integrated local government motorcycle strategy - that's a wholistic strategy which will include parking, road space usage, maintenance and safety. They saw the sense in not primarily concentrating on safety but on a real transport strategy. If we get that right, that's a lot of the safety issues taken care of. The Mayor wants to actively encourage people to move out of cars and onto powered two wheelers.

    They will be talking with the MRA about the new developments that they want to do in Coburg and Brunswick and how they can best incorporate powered two wheelers. Hopefully I'll be able to bring Prof Marcus Wigan in on this when he gets back from Oxford this month.

    Finally I'm going to arrange with HART for him to get his L's. He wants to get a scooter (well, he is of Italian background :) ) .

    If we can get him on a scooter in the next two weeks I've arranged with Peter Dunphy from the VACC to get him a scooter to make the VACC Scooter Rally on the 26th October. Being a politician I'm sure it will make his day to have some good photo opportunities. :LOL:

    I'll keep people informed of progress...
  11. A photo op is always good! Sounds like a start in the right direction, but remember what a camel is, a horse designed by a commitee.

    Good work :cool:
  12. Remarkable result, Tony.

    I suppose I have few direct issues with Moreland as far as the bike is concerned, mainly because I don't expect a lot from them, but they don't get in my face much. Looks like the proposed Sydney road cycle lane has provoked a fairly big negative reaction (even from some cyclists) so I'd be surprised if that gets up, and that would be my only current concern.

    Some dedicated parking wouldn't hurt. I'd use it.

    Now, Yarra... :roll:
  13. I pointed out that we would oppose any dedicated Sydney Road bicycle lane. I got the impression it was unlikely to go any further for a good many years (if ever).

    I'm hoping we can get a good generic strategy out of this. If it works then it's a template that can be used by other councils.

    I was a little surprised to get such a positive response given that the head of the Local Government Association (or whatever it's called) is, apparently, still in an induced coma after coming off the back of a Harley a little while ago.
  14. It's all just suddenly clicked into place... :shock:

    (Is that the sound of mandolins i hear?) :LOL:

    I'm bad.
  15. Don't know why they want to put a bike path in Sydney Rd when they have the track alongside the train line.

    Roads and parking are ok down the Coburg end, but Brunswick is a pain, the infrastructure has never caught up since the council merger.

    Good to hear they are taking an interest Tony, keep up the good work.
  16. That's what most people are saying Why mix it with cars when there's a better and safer alternative.

    Doesn't stop some damn fools in council though - Yarra put a new bike lane in Rushall Crescent N Fitzroy, almost halving the road space, when there was a good bike path already running parallel to the road TWO METRES AWAY!!!

    (getting off topic, sorry).
  17. I've always believed they should closed down the Upfield train line and move the Sydney Rd trams onto the train line reserve.

    This would free up Sydney Rd of the trams which cause more delays than parked cars (remember how well the traffic flowed during the big tram strike) and with careful use of clearways allow everyone to share the road during the morning & evening peaks.

    The one spanner to all this is the City Link contract which prohibits changes to roads that would encourage traffic away from the tollway and a decent run up Sydney Rd would be quicker than using the Tulla & Ring Rd to get to Campbellfield.

    They could also reopen the outer circle train line which runs from Brunswick to Rushall.
  18. F#$% that! It would virtually run through my house! :evil:

    Nah, seriously, it really hasn't been needed since the city loop was completed. And you'd have to take on some pretty feral cyclists that use that path.

    The Upfield line services a lot of people from the outer fringe suburbs so that not going to close. Tell yer what - run the trams down the bike path next to the train line and I'll gladly accept the pedallers on Sydney Road as a trad-off! :grin:
  19. Quote from the weekly Mayoral Newsletter. I'll hopefully be meeting again in a week or so - when he goes to get his training at HART.

    Meeting with Motor Cycle Riders Association
    On Thursday 25 September, I met with motorcycle riders to discuss how to make Moreland a motorbike and scooter friendly locality. Tony Ellis, the Secretary of the Association is a Brunswick resident and is across this subject. Whilst the matters discussed were ideas and concepts for Moreland, some proposals are operating in Europe and he suggested innovative options for an inner city region like Moreland. The City of Sydney has a draft Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy and Action Plan: 2008-2011 in place. For Moreland there are a range of options we can consider, especially innovative parking ideas, which would encourage residents to move from cars to the motorised or electric two wheeled scooters.
  20. Good work Tony, going to be interesting to see what they come up with.