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[VIC] Peninsula Toyrun, Sat Dec 2nd

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jens

    Peninsula Toyrun Saturday December 2nd, will assemble in the Frankstion Pier car park from 8.00 am. Departs for the ride to the Rosebud Secondary College at 9.30 am. Travels via Mornington and the Coast Road. Police assistance at various stages of the...

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  2. Peninsula Toy Run

    Someone will probably do a better report than I will here but briefly .I took the cross country route from Rye to Frankston as the direct route is boring as all get out.( Arthurs Seat, Main Creek R , Dunns Creek etc) nice and quiet as it was pre 8.00am
    I am not real good with numbers but I would say 200 bike+ maybe more the Frankston pier car park was full anyway.
    The highlught for me wandering around the mobile showroom was the Gold wing with the Roo on a pushy behind it ,( someone have a photo?)
    One stop in Mornington on ein Safety Beach and one in Dromanan to regruop I suppose did not a lot for the ride fluidity but ah well then onto Rosebud Secondary College for the hand over of good s to the needy .
    Waht a great turn out for those less forunate than urselves , as usual the motorcycle community has done us all proud as . As usual when the chips are down we all come out to support those in need.
    Figer food was provided at Rosebud College and I believe a BBQ was held at Dromana .
    All in all a pretty cool cruisy day , and a safeif short ride for charity .
    One go down in the stop at Dromana , and old HD Sporty had to have a lie down for a while in the gravel ., no damage
    apart from ego .
    Pictures any one?