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[VIC] Pedestrian crackdown in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Given the number of near misses I've had with pedestrians stepping off against the flashing red lights recently, this is good to see...

    Police target jaywalkers in city blitz
    Vanessa Chircop
    October 16, 2008 - 12:45PM

    Police have issued more than 3000 official warnings to jaywalkers in the past two days - and say that from now on, there'll be no excuses.

    - Crackdown on jaywalkers
    - On-the-spot fines
    - Lives at risk: police

    From tomorrow, $57 on-the-spot fines will be handed out to those caught ignoring `don't walk' signals and crossing outside marked lines.

    The blitz is part of a police operation named 'Don't Do Your Dash', which is aimed at reducing risky pedestrian behaviour in Melbourne's CBD. Just over 3300 people have already been issued official warnings.

    "This is a serious issue and excuses such as `I'm running late' or `Everyone else was crossing the road' are simply not good enough," Acting Superintendent Paul Pottage said.

    In the past 12 months, there have been 223 accidents involving pedestrians in Melbourne's CBD and according to police data, the pedestrian was at fault in 56% of cases.

    "People don't seem to understand that they're risking their lives every time they cross the road against the red man or dart between cars," Acting Superintendent Pottage said.

    "We're going to continue to target pedestrian behaviour until people get the message, and anyone seen doing the wrong thing will be fined."

  2. Wow :shock:
    They should have to pay a levy.
  3. Then they'll demand to be allowed to use bus lanes!

    (which might not be a bad thing... :-k )
  4. :LOL: Maybe we should demand they use the bus lanes
  5. They already do use the bus lanes.
  6. Well then I'm getting a bus license.
  7. TonyE quoted:
    Wow. That's like just a bit more than half the time.

    Which means that just a little bit less than half the time they weren't at fault.

    But hey, I've got a good idea. Let's do a blitz on them. After all they are lots easier to catch than vehicles.

    I concede there are people out their who shouldn't be allowed to be in charge of legs and it's probably a good thing they get blitzed. But it irks me to see bullshit statistics being used to justify what is just as likely another revenue raiser, and Newspapers accepting the statistic and quoting it on without really analysing if it is really meaningful.
  8. You can't be f^&*en serious in saying that this is just a revenue raiser. For the effort required to have officers on the streets compared to the amount that the fines are worth, it would hardly be worth their while monetarily. You don't even need to take a close look in any city to see how many pedestrians are a danger to themselves and others. If the cops are clamping down on them when they run across the road in traffic then good on em. It is about bloody time.

    You really need to assess whether you are too prone to blame any law enforcement measure on revenue raising because the laws are there for a reason, as is the fine system. Just because it is being put into action doesn't mean there is some sinister financial motive.
  9. Grey, go to swanston/flinders intersection.
    sit on flinders steps with the goth and punks and emos and tourists for a while :LOL:
    and report to me how many people you see crossing against the red man.
    seriously, it is an issue.
    the fact they use statistics is irrelevant, it's an issue.
    statistics just tries to make them look intelligent :LOL:
  10. gegvasco said:
    Yep You are right. I saw it the other morning and there were a heap of cops which would cost a fair bit relative to the revenue. I am guilty as charged.

    nibor Can't speak for Flinders Street Station but I see similar at Southern Cross I regularly turn the corner there into Bourke Street only to find I can't ride on because of all the pedestrians ambling up the road with their backs to the traffic jaywalking to the tram stop while there is a crossing about 50 metres up the street.

    But the point I was making wasn't about that. I wasn't suggesting that pedestrians were never at fault or that a blitz was unnecessary. Like I said in my post there are pedestrians who ought to be blitzed. My little rant was about one of my own little hobby horses - using dodgy statistics. Instead of just saying Police are blitzing it because the actions are dangerous, they try to imply some higher objective scientific justification.

    My apologies for distracting from the real point of the thread.
  11. Gegvasco just hates it when someone says a bad word about pigs is all.
  12. They aren't going far enough in my opinion.

    Get the brawler van in there and fill it with Jaywalkers. Cause them inconvenience, make them late, shame them and do a massive news story & ACA, TT so people get the idea.

    This "Softly Softly" approach by our Commissioner is a bloody joke.

    The practice is dangerous and outright negligent.

    I suspect Mr Scruby will be down there with his staff (his fax machine :rofl:) protesting that the practice is all above board.
  13. Geeze Vic I hate it when I agree with you.

    Driving to and from the CBD daily and each time having Peds keep crossing on the flashing red holds up turning traffic which then causes delays for everyone banked up behind them.

    Strangely enough Ped's don't like it when you start moving once the red starts flashing and they step off the kerb in front of you but I know my bumper will survive better than they will.

    Mobiles phones and iPods are another hazard & if I see either on a ped heading towards a set of lights I'm hovering over the brake pedal ready for the fact they wont see me coming until I hit the horn or the person :roll:
  14. Why???

    Or are you just wanting to be like every other tosser that states the same shit??? :)
  15. Are the fining everyone who walks, or just those that are idiots and do it in front of traffic? I walk on the red man all the time, but only when there is no traffic to be effected by my actions. If it is the latter I agree 100%, but the former seems a bit harsh.

    I know people who have been issued cautions for stepping out just as the green man switches to a red man flashing - there is still plenty of time to cross when this happens providing you aren't on crutches. I've also seen plainsclothes cops tear strips off uniform in public for doing just this :twisted:
  16. Damn right. They do a great job, get paid fcuk all for it and get bagged by the majority for just doing their job. Compare them to truckies. They do a great job, get paid fcuk all for it but they don't get bagged by the majority. What's the difference. Simple - cops have to stop people doing something they might want to do. And people hate them for it, even when it is in the best interests of everyone, including themselves, not to do it. That means hatred of cops is normally about trying to preserve one's own self-interest. And when that self-interest involves detriment to others, then that is bullshit and I will always side with the cops! That is why we have a set of laws.

    And cops aren't allowed to come out in public in their own defence to answer the criticism. So yeah, when it comes down to people just automatically criticising them because they think that is the done thing, then I will defend them whenever I can. However, if it is proven that a cop has deliberately broken the law then I will be the first to say they have to go because given a cop has been entrusted to uphold the law, I see a cop breaking the law as a much greater violation than the average Joe breaking it.
  17. Welcome Back ;)

    Agreed 258% :)
  18. Rego 12 months victoria in narre warren / berwick is $550

    bit rich

  19. Crack down i say, i take flinders lane from russel to elizabeth a few times a week. The amount of clowns who will cross the road without even looking is incredible, regardless of what colour the light is.
    I give the R1 a big rev as a FU get outa my way thing before i take off from a green light or when approaching a intersection because there is always some jerk willing to jump infront of me. Almost took out a red light running cyclist last week too...

    I even had a couple of women walking down the middle of the road(flinders lane just before degraves lane) a few weeks ago, when there was a an empty footpath beside them. They shit bricks when the R1 got a big turn on the throttle(clutch in of course), they werent to happy about it either but atleast they got off the road. :roll:

    As for not being cost effective for police to be handing out fines, well say one copper can give a fine every 15 minutes, per hour thats $57 x 4 = $228. I dont think any officers make that much an hour. If they were real pricks they could probably do more like one every 10 minutes 6x 57 = $342/hour!!!