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[VIC] Patriot Poker run , Sun Nov 11th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: groberts


    Hundreds of $ in Cash and Prizes to be won
    Enjoy the Ride, Win the Prizes, Stay for the Entertainment
    Registration opens at 10:00 am – closes at 10:55am Sharp
    Sunshine RSL, 99 Dixon St, Sunshine.
    All ...

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  2. Excellent cause groberts...especially good to see as the museum relies a lot on fundraising to keep itself and the support program running.

    I'd like to join in on this but having never done a poker run before and not really having an idea on what a poker run actually is I'm feeling just a wee bit intimidated by it, so could you please just give me a break down on things? Like where do they ride...etc.
  3. Many NRs have joined these guys for charity causes before - notably the Christmas Angels event a couple of years ago when NR added in 30-odd bikes to ensure the event ran as scheduled (thanks to Glen and Foggy who organised it all). I don't know anything about Poker Runs either, but all the Patriots I've met so far have been great people.
  4. The Patriots are Serving and ex-serving military members, We are non-territorial nor do we have allegiances to any one club . ( we socialize with all clubs).
    A poker run is where you Draw a card on each stop and at the end of the run the best hand wins, raffles and handouts and prizes, there are plenty of stops , food and will be entertainment afterward at the Sunshine RSL .
    The routes a mystrey until the day , but wont be too long nor hard .
    There is no restriction on bikes and long as you can do the speed limit thats all you need to do , all speed limits will be adhered too and no one will be left behind.
    Each stop is generally at a pub and people mingle chat and catch up , thats what most of its about socializing etc.
    As voyager said , we have riden with many netriders before ( from learners through to experianced riders ) and none of them have ever felt intimidated.
    There will be represenatives from other clubs there but you will find that all are very sociable and easy going.
    If you havent been on a poker run before than this would be a great first one to break your teeth in on.
    This will be our first poker run so we arent sure how many bikes yet there will be , generally first runs only attract between 30-100 bikes so it wont be a overly large group .
    You will have a good time , and the band they are arranging for the after run entertaiment is worth it by its self.

    Glen ( Doc)
  5. Thanks voyager and Glen. Sounds like fun. I'll be there :grin:
  6. will see a bit closer to the day :)

    you going on this one Voyager?
  7. This sounds great. Hope to be able to make it
  8. I'm planning to get onto this. Should be easy going and fun :) Maybe I'll meet some faces I haven't seen in a long time!!!
  9. Maybe you will! :grin:
  10. Was thinking about it - have to look at my calendar and figure out what day this is and what I can use it to get out of :p i've never done a Poker Run before, so this looked like a good one to have a bash at.
  11. Just realised the date of this... i HAVE to be there as it's my sisters birthday. Need to have a good excuse to miss it so this should do nicely :twisted:
  12. Hopefully see you there .
    Family birthdays are more important than rides drew, just make sure she has it on another day next year :wink:
  13. All poker runs are great and most go to a good or needy cause, only wish this ride wasn't at the other end of teh country :( keep us posted on how it turns out.
  14. Actually for me the ride is preferable. Not really speaking to my sister at the moment.
  15. this sounds cool
    ill prolly be there
  16. OK As long as it is not absolutely pissing down I wil be there.
  17. A couple of us are meeting at the Sunshine Macca's on Ballarat rd at about 9.30 if anyone wants to hook up before hand :)
  18. Sorry in advance if i have missed something obvious - how much does it cost?
    Also im new 2 melbourne, would anybody going, be coming from the St Kilda area/city that i could perhaps follow to the sunshine RSL??
  19. address of this maccas? I might be able to meet you there, depending on how late I'm running in the morning.
  20. 396 Ballarat Rd .
    melway ref map 26 K10.

    Also, the RSL is in D ickson st, not Dixon for those trying to find it.
    (had to put in the space so the filter didnt make it %&*^$ hahaha)
    melway map 40 J1. can also be seen on map 26 right down the bottom almost J12