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[VIC] Party @ Hotham (im.on.it's 30th), Mon Aug 13th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Nee

    Hey Gang it's my big 3-0 and you're all invited to the hills to enjoy some snow. Come up for the weekend of 10th, 11th and 12th and have a huge one to see out the extended long weekend on the 13th. Or just come up for the night of 13th and head back on...

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  2. :( Not going to make it Nee.

    :) Have a great time though! :)

    Pressie for ya: :p

  3. Hey Nee
    would love to come but hmm you know :roll:
    Have Fun
  4. Nee, sorry we won't be there to celebrate, but have a whale of a time for us anyway :grin:

    We will have to organise a belated party for you on your return :cool:

    Stay upright on those slopes :LOL:

  5. Love to come come but Hotham cant do.

    Have a great night though which i am sure you will.

    Party on dude :birthday:
  6. Hey Nee,

    Have a great birthday, I have to work on that weekend at a trade show smiling and talking sales and marketing rubbish to prospective customers so won't be free. I am sure you will have a fun time. Have a happy birthday, catch you on another ride.

    Cheers :birthday:
  7. Many happy returns Nee.

    Unfortunately I've had enough of the snow for this year, after busing up to My Buller to rescue my sister-in-law (plus two kids and her car) after she broke her wrist on the first day there.

    So you be careful over those earlier days. No broken bones allowed :!:
  9. Have a good one

    Wish I could be there to have a boogy with you again Nee, but no such luck. Have a good day and happy birthday.
  10. Hey Nee,

    Firstly, WTF??? :shock: I cant believe you're 30!!!

    Secondly Mt Hotham is pretty far out but i was thinking that when you get back, maybe you should organise some local drinks so most of us can at least toast to your celebration?

    Have an awesome weekend though and we'll see you soon!

  11. hey Nee,

    Happy birthday to you, enjoy your weekend well..
  12. Yeah didn't expect many to come up on such short notice.

    I will have a drink or ten for you all. But let me know if any are interested in having a fun time at the snow this season. I can always try and hook you a deal somehow.

    Jamie definitely a good idea to have a ride day or something when I get back.
  13. Hey Nee

    You are such a spring chicken - have a great Birthday weekend. Life gets even better in your thirties!!!! Looking forward to catching up when your back in Melbourne.


  14. Hey Nee

    Hope you had a great birthday weekend, would have liked to come help you celebrate. But sounds like there may be a belated celebration when you get back anyway :)


    See you when you get back, or I'm hoping Seany will take me back to the snow before the snow season is over so we may come visit you yet :p

  15. We will definitely have to celebrate belatedly when you return Nee :grin: