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[VIC] Parliamentary Secretary for Roads and Ports

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. I've just heard that Don Nardella, the Member for Melton and Parliamentary Secretary for Roads and Ports has been given responsibility for motorcycle issues by Tim Pallas.

    I don't know anything about him at this stage, but this bit in the Parliamentary Handbook sounds promising...

    Interests: Reading, heavy metal music, grandchildren, motorcycling.
  2. Sure that's not his DIS-likes? J/K, Anyone who likes Heavy Metal & motocycling can't be all bad, despite being a politician.
  3. It's clearly a trap.
  4. Who's grandchildren is he interested in? Or is he just interested in grandchildren in general? :p
  5. It doesn't mention priest anywhere in his Parliamentary Handbook entry. :)

    (He's a welder by trade)
  6. its a tarp alright.

    no positive change will occur. still theres worse people we could have
  7. Well he lists reading in his interests - so he's probably not a Harley rider... :D

    and speaking of Harley Riders, whadda ya mean by calling me J/K! [-X
  8. How physically big is this guy? He'll to have to be pretty wide if he's going to act as a body shield for Pallas the next time they shaft us.:wink:

    Hey, it's an election year. Might work out OK.
  9. Apologies Tony, in my book that stands for Just Kidding! ;)

    We haven't heard from John for a while have we... :-k
  10. I'll accept that in the spirit that it was offered.:grin::D

    I'll be interested to meet him and find out more.
  11. On previous boundaries he used to be my local member. I've met him at community activities, and he seems to me to be a decent bloke and a worker. My concern is that even if he is on our side, he will still have to convince Pallas that things have to be done for us. Decent hard working blokes still can't always get good ideas past the thick and uncaring. An on-going concern as long as Pallas is holding the reins.