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[VIC] Parliamentary Committee report into vehicle safety

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Just released this morning.

    Full report is available here...

    While it's a Victorian document, there is stuff in there that needs to be examined closely. I've only done a quick scan to look for motorcycles but I think there's a lot more in there that needs to be thoroughly examined.
    (and no mention of Frontal Identification that I could find :p )

    Some motorcycle recommendations:

    4. That VicRoads require the fitment of Anti-lock Braking
    Systems to new motorcycles as a pre-requisite for
    registration from 2011.

    5. That VicRoads undertake research to ascertain the
    benefits of Automatic Stability Control for motorcycles
    and, if found to be significant, promote the technology
    widely to motorcycle riders.

    18. That VicRoads investigates all the issues associated with the possible safety benefits of Daytime Running Lamps.

    TE: that's for all vehicles, not just motorcycles
    Other motorcycle related bits...

    Motorcycles have largely different safety requirements. Primary, is the increased vulnerability of motorcyclists compared to drivers who are afforded protection from surrounding vehicle structure. The Committee found little evidence of developments of safety technologies for motorcycles during its investigations. There is a
    disproportionate lack of research and development into relevant safety technologies from manufacturers and road safety institutions for motorcycles.


    The Committee is concerned that motorcycles are not benefiting from the advances being made in vehicle safety technology. Given the vulnerability of motorcyclists, the Committee would like to see a concerted effort in both the development of safety technologies and increased fitment rates.


    and lots more...
  2. Ooooh yeah. Cool.

  3. WTF :shock:

    I don't wanna be riding around on a goldwing......
  4. yeah isn't it called a car :roll:

    sounds a lot like workplace fluro safety vests, as soon as everyone has them they no longer stand out :roll:
  5. Sounds like more shit from shitheads who don't know shit about shit.
  6. Tell us what you really think. :LOL:
    I can't see how you are going to have every bike sold in Vic have ABS brakes - within 3 years. :roll:
  7. It isn't exactly a plus for road-registerable dirt bikes and trailies.
    Neither is a traction control type system.

    I spose if they can be switched off, fine.
    I don't want linked brakes on any bike I own, either.

    Riding motorcycles requires a minimum standard of coordination and control. If you don't have it, you crash and die.
    The ONLY reason the government pays so much attention to the road-toll is because statute enforcement nets profit.

    Don't see them giving even half a similar fcuk about mental health, suicide rates, diet & obesity - all of which kill far more Australians than motor accidents.
  8. Yeah, and we all know why, you dont collect revenue of fatties, mentally ill or dead people.

  9. Medication has tax, Personal Care Assistants pay Income Tax, Nurses pay Income Tax. You also have GST on funeral costs, GST on the food at the wake, etc so if you succeed at your suicide, government still get something. Fat people pay more GST then skinny people, as in general they eat more, their Bikes/Cars use more petrol because of the extra weight(Myself included...) and hence pay more tax and levies.

    I hereby offer the hypothesis that, They don't care about anyone in particular as they can tax us at anytime, anywhere. It's all about making it look like they care so they get voted back in and, get a bigger pension when we vote em out.

    hey, today I'm a cynic.
  10. The AAA media release below was received by MRA today.

    My question is - do we want motorcycles to get swept up in this? Uniform vehicle standards means all vehicles - and a motorcycle is a vehicle.

    I believe that some of this technology actually makes the roads more dangerous for riders because it will create a "false sense of security by car drivers". There are very few examples of the technology advances that I would want fitted to my M/C (ABS is about the only one - and even there I am a skeptic..).

    What is the general opinion? Do we let it all happen? Or do we speak out against it?

  11. I can't see why ABS and traction control could not benefit safety, rather than be a PITA. Not sure how stability control would work on a bike. It's not a 4 wheeled platform where the technology clearly works.

    Whatever, there are supposedly over 100,000 bike registered in Vic. How many new bikes are year are sold? If the technology is implemented widely within three years, it'll be a long time before it's standard across the fleet. By then who knows what the state of motorcycling will be. I doubt that I'll be around to see it, in any case. So it really won't bother me much.
  12. I have never had the need for ABS but if it is safe that is great. But how much does it add to the cost of a new bike? I assume about $1,500 so this may force learners or new riders to continue to use older bikes which defeats the purpose.

    I agree with national standards on safety.
  13. I can't see it happening personally. It would be prohibitively expensive to fit all those safety features across the board on road registerable bikes. Can you imagine manufacturers being willing to fit these things to low cost 250's or the like? Ag bikes? It will either price them out of range of the people that normally buy them, or result in many models simply being withdrawn from our market.
  14. $500-1000, though most are closer to the nice round $1k mark.

    My personal beliefs on ABS, electronic stability control, traction control are well-covered in other threads; suffice to say that despite owning an ABS bike, I think the systems should remain optional and that learners/inexperienced operators should be encouraged to become proficient in riding/driving without reliance on safety aids.
  15. Well, since you ask... I think this parliamentary committee has no fcuking idea. It's obvious from the language that they have simply looked at the fashionable literature about car safety, glanced at the motorcycle stats.. and tried to make the two fit together.
    It's also obvious that they have NOT bothered to source or initiate genuinely relevant research on how these technologies affect motorcycle crash rates (probably because the technology they are talking about doesn't exist outside of MotoGP).

    ABS is quite possibly a good thing, so long as it is switchable for different conditions. If they can get every manufacturer to add it to every model sold in Australia - fine. But they don't do that to car makers. Why not? Because it's impractical. Car-style stability control doesn't translate to two wheels, and traction control is a long, long way from being ready for universal road M/C application.

    This is just another example of the kind of thinking that has created a generation of untrained, low-skill drivers who rely on technology to keep them safe. Which it doesn't. Proper investment in skills training would deliver far better results than this crap.
  16. I don't see that uniform national safety standards for vehicles inevitably means that ABS and ESC would be mandated for bikes. After all, the (admittedly rather flawed and basically obsolete) ADR system could be regarded as a system of uniform national safety standards and yet still manages to recognise that different standards are appropriate to different classes of vehicle.

    Whilst I would remain wary and vigilant, I'd be cautious of going off half cocked on this one. The sky is not falling (yet). The emphasis should be on ensuring that the powers that be continue to be made aware that bikes are not cars and have different requirements.

    On the subject of electronic aids, I'd broadly agree with Spots. My R11 has ABS and, for the function the bike performs, I love it. However, I do recognise that it would not be appropriate for all bikes and all situations. As for ESC, does such a thing exist for bikes in anything resembling commercial ready form? If not, any talk of 2011 implementation is pie in the sky.

    The only thing here that really sets my alarm bells ringing is the fairly strong hint that "intelligent" speed control is only just around the corner. And that scares the crap out of me.
  17. And this is exactly the type of thing that concerns me. It is simply not wise to try and control a bikes speed while it is negotiating a corner etc.

    We need to be very wary about how the technology will be applied to motorcycles - and we must make sure that there is a clear deliniation between 4 wheels and 2 wheels......

    This is good feedback - I think that we are all on the right track for now.

    Please keep the views coming.

    This is exactly the line I think we should be taking. Why are they introducing the technology? Its an admission of failure.....
  18. It astounded me that training didn't seem to be mentioned. I suspect its political. Insisting people have proper driver/rider training will cost votes.

    God only knows how cost effective it would be compared to the protection technology.

    But if they get collision avoidance radar maybe they will stop hitting us?
  19. The simple answer is that no one has collected any data on the subject, and because they have no evidence - to prove what we know to be true - that training actually will reduce accidents, they won't move in this area.

    Needless to say - MRA has been lobbying as hard as it can via VMAC to get this situation changed, especially where motorcycles are concerned.

    What would probably help is if more riders started raising this subject with the media - then we just might get there a little faster.

    I am a huge fan of rider training, and attribute my longevity to a riding instructor who taught me on a course way back when I needed the training (mind you I am well overdue for a check up...).
  20. If it gets passed I will look at ways to bypass the abs!

    I'm not a CAGER with all the flipping blind spots! careless to say that they are never checked anyway!


    beurocratic B#ll$H!T

    Me Thinks they are looking for a scape goat!
    Speed cameras didn't seem to fix the death toll numbers!
    Sorry I mean to SAFETY CAMERAS! (dictatorship)

    From a party that is pushing for front number plate slashers are now talking about safety!

    They call all go jump!
    Stuff them!