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(Vic) Parking - St Kilda foreshore

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by kazhere, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. I was walking along St Kilda beach last night around 8.30 and noticed a bike parked on the (very wide) footpath next to the pier. It had a parking fine stuck on the front windshield! It was all sealed in one of those clear plastic pockets so I couldnt read what it was for.

    I couldnt see the owner of the bike anywhere nearby but am very curious to know what the fine was for and why they supposedly werent able to park there? I would have certainly parked anywhere around there had I ridden down

  2. Is it a shared bike path?
  3. can you make us a google map as to where exactly you mean?
    also was the bike anywhere near a building? its illegal to park within a few feet of the side of a building.
  4. No it's not - it's not recommended but not illegal unless you are causing an obstruction. All I can think of was that it might be on the shared bicycle path on the footpath. (Again, that's an interesting issue as well because there's nothing legally to cover that AFAIK.)

    That wide area near the St Kilda pier is regularly used by bikes so I suspect an overzealous City of Port Phillip Parking Officer.
  5. If it was by some technicality parkland, rather than roadside footpath, they can ticket you. Even if it's paved. Had that happen to me at the MCG.
  6. That's also a possibility - it would be good to know the exact spot the bike was parked.
  7. If it is the very wide area between the entrance to the pier and the Yacht club then there are no standing signs there. That could possibly be it.
  8. Unless explicitly applying to the footpath, no standing signs are only for the roadway.
  9. Yeah, and those signs are right along the wall. There isn't a foot path there. Unless the op is referring to the other side of the wall. The side between the pier and the yacht club has signs and there are always people parking right against the wall and getting tickets.


    That building to the west of the curve in Pier road is no longer there and the roads surface goes right up to the wall. I'm just asking if this is the area in question?
  10. Until the op replies with the exact spot then all this speculation is coming to naught.
  11. I had a play with Google maps but couldnt pinpoint the exact spot easily. Anyway the bike was parked facing the pier wall, front tyre almost touching the wall and probably 2 metres to the right of the pier.

    There was a No Standing sign probably a metre behind the bike but I figured that applied to cars along Pier Rd only.

    The bike wasnt anywhere near a building and not obstructing anyone's way as its a huge footpath area there.

    I did wonder if a parking officer was just getting their quota up and I sincerely hope the rider does not pay the fine!