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[VIC] - Parking on the footpath - Vic Road Rules Doc

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by doonx, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. I think I am going to enter into "meaningful discussions" with the owners of the building that I work in regarding my parking the bike around the side of the building where it absolutely impedes no-one ever, in anyway whatsoever.

    So I did a some homework, and in case anyone ever needs to refer to the correct Victorian Road Rules, here they are -------> Victorian Road Rules

    The actual passage relating to the legality of a motor cycle parking on the footpath is held in Part 12 - Section 197(1)(b) of the above document.

  2. Good luck Doonks.

    Be cool about it, it should be a walk in the park as you got the supporting documents. Avoid showing that you are annoyed about it ... if it doesn't goes well though .... show them that you are pissed about it ( one round-house kick to their kisser will do ). :LOL:
  3. Had a similar situation once, but to their great credit, the owners solved it by offering me FREE parking in their underground car-park. It was easy to find a corner that nobody used.
    Win-win. You might like to use the example as a precedent.
  4. Just make sure Doonks, that where you park your bike is not on part of their private property. If it is, then they have the right to tell you to bugger orf, regardless what the road rules are in relation to footpath parking.
  5. Aren't there more specific rules relating to (eg) not parking along the building line etc?

    I'm sure I've seen a VicRoads pdf on the subject, although maybe that's only relevant to the Melbourne CBD.
  6. yeah - I just got the email from an internal guy, and I explained (and provided) the above Road Rules. I also said that under those rules I could also park the bike opposite the front door on the other side of the road on the footpath.

    I don't think that it will come to bun fight as the guy who contacted me (by phone first) also immediately said that he could probably organise me a free parking spot in the multi level carpark opposite my building. I reckon thats a lock ! I ended my email reply with a lovely little paragraph saying I was very flexible on the situation and would certain be willing to discuss any acceptable alternative :grin:

    I think I'm going to get an undercover security carpark for FREE !!!
  7. I was going to say that but Dale beat me to it.

    As I posted a while ago the building I work in in the CBD sent out a message to all tenants asking bikes to be parked on the footpath legally (near the parking meters) and not next to the buildings front windows which are about a metre back from the official edge of the footpath.

    A follow up reminder was sent out last week but we still haven't heard a reason why but I suspect it may be due to the potential for a bike to fall over and take out a very large and expensive window which considering the bike is trespassing would be the riders responsibility to pay for :shock: even if someone else knocked the bike over :roll:
  8. Well done mate free undercover parking cant beat that I guess that means that it pays to be nice sometimes Ill have to remember that one :idea:
  9. yep - and that's exactly what happened. They gave me a free prox card to get in and out of the boom gates, and showed me where they'd like me to park the bike. It just so happens that there's a dead spot about 6metres from the exit boom gates - happy happy happy :grin: :grin: :grin:
  10. Not only that, but bikes shouldn't be parked against the wall of a building as blind people use the walls as reference points.
  11. Good win there Peter!

    Not only is it safe, but it will stay nice and dry and clean aswell :D :D

  12. Hmmm, unless I'm confused, rule 197 states that motorcycles can park in bike lanes (paths) denoted by a road marking of a bicycle at the start & end. But we can't ride in them, hmmm, if I get pulled for riding in the lane, maybe I could say that I was looking for somewhere to park?!!!!
  13. Johnny, this is 197 in full:

    Nothing about parking in bike lanes
  14. oh yeh, sorry, 'stopping' not 'parking'
  15. In a couple of places where I have worked in the inner city, I have parked outside on the first day, and tracked down the building staff. I basically just ask them where they would pref me to park the bike so it is out of the road. I have been told to 'park it on the street' once, but twice I have been given a fob to get into an undeground carpark to park the bike in one of the 'dead spots' near pillers. Works a treat unless you are talking the really big buildings in the city.