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(VIC) Parking Lanes? Legal To Ride In?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by bryce_k, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Hi all, just had a quick question. On a 4 lane road (2 lanes going each direction) if cars have parked in the left lane is it legal to ride in the space between the parked cars and the moving traffic provided you dont cross the line in to the moving lane? Kind of hard to explain what i mean but i sure you know what im talking about...i see many riders doing so. Just wondered if it is consider lane spliting or not.

  2. Perfectly legal. It's no different to passing parked cars on a single lane road. :)
  3. Just watch out for people in parked cars who open doors without looking.
  4. ^^ +1
    I'd be very wary of doors suddenly opening, or people walking across to the right side of the car. It could be your undoing one day.
  5. I'd be careful about that. I know in adelaide you can get pinged with something along the lines of negligent driving if you dont leave about a metre from a parked car.
  6. If it's a marked lane (usually on a road that has clearways) then it's quite legal. While you have to be careful of idiots, if they do open the door then the onus is on the person opening the car door to ensure that there is no traffic coming.

    You will also need to be careful of morons pulling out without looking or people turning across the lane or merging back into it before intersections. Especially if the traffic in the right hand lane has stopped then be very aware that someone might turn right across you. Being in the right is not a substitute for being careful.

    Having said all that, it's a really easy and legal way to get through traffic.
  7. Isn't it just a variation of lane splitting and as such would fall under that legality minefield??

    S'pose it all depends on the line markings especially if it's a part time clearway and where the bike is with respect of the lines.
  8. as the cars are parked, not simply stationary in traffic, it is not lane splitting.

    i'll go find the legislation if u want.
  9. well, i cant find it, which basically means it's legal :)

    unless someone can show me a law which specifically states it is illegal to drive/ride in the same lane as a car parked on the road, i can only take it as legal.

    but as above, be careful. there is a different between being right legally and dead, compared with being safe and alive.
  10. No. If it was illegal to use a lane with a car parked on the side, no-one would ever be able to drive down my street.

    Here we see the situation. Red blocks are cars parked against the gutter in the left lane. Blue blocks are stationary cars, lined up in the right hand lane because they are too wide to fit in the left lane. The green line shows the path that can be legally taken by any vehicle that can fit. Usually this is a motorcycle, push bike or horse. :)