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[Vic] Parking in pay car-parks

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Makovitza, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Sorry if this question has come up before - I did a search but didn't come up with much.

    I commuted to work on the bike for the first time today. Earlier I'd talked to some of the other guys who ride to work and they said that I should park in the car-park under the building. Apparently they just ride around the boom gates at the entrance to the car park, so they don't have to pay. I did this today, but I feel kind of bad about it. Is this legal? I looked up the car park operator's website but couldn't find anything about their attitude to motorbikes. There seems to be dedicated bike parking bays (not sure whether they are used by pushbikes as well) so I'm not taking up a car spot. What do you think?

    Christie :)

  2. Is if fair that you should pay the same amount as a car when you take up less than half the space? :wink:
  3. rofl, he still takes the whole space

    i say screw it just shift the carparking company a few $$, as long as your not running over little old ladys & children i think you won't go to hell
  4. Fair enough to those automated type carparks. But for Melbourne peeps, where do you park when you go to ... say... Crown Casino where it is manned at all times?
  5. I don't pay when I park under my building [collins place] but I suppose it depends on the operator.

    Crown I pay. :)
  6. A few bikes get parked on the Whiteman street side of the building near one of the entrance.
    The one with the taxi rank. It's almost undercover and well lit.
    Not the same as parking underground though.
    There is also the staff entrance where a whole bunch of bikes are.
  7. So can you get your knee down when you go up or down those lovely circular ramps between levels under Collins Place Matti??
  8. at crown there are alot of bikes parked in the city road carpark where the staff park.. one of the entraces isnt manned i assume thats how the bikes get in :) but not very secure i think..
  9. Hrmm never thought of this. Do they not have inspectors that walk and check all the cars?
  10. You can just park on the Southbank side of Crown?
  11. I would go up to the guy in the booth and ask.

    outside Jeff's shed at the entrance facing crown seems like a popular place for bikes.