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[VIC] Parking Bike on Private property, Shopping Centres.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by raiden337, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. I got throttled by some old fart today for parking my bike at Southland, I had my bike near to one of the main doors but off to the side where there was a good 6 meters between the building and the kerb. The guy was going off at me and his wife kept urging him to walk away, I just kinda blankly stared at him because I myself wasn't sure if I was allowed to park there... well that and I had already undone my jacket exposing my work uniform...

    To be honest I didn't care, I wanted to drop off the banking and get back to the store. However for my own piece of mind does anybody know a rule of thumb when at privately owned car parks? EG. Southland Shopping centre?

    I know out on the road it's the usual park with in one meter of a kerb, do not obstruct walkways or parked cars ect. But Private Car parks at Shopping centres are a mystery to me, any advice on general laws?
  2. Re: [VIC] Parking Bike on Private property, Shopping Centres

    private places like that generally take the view that you treat them like the road - which is why lots of them use council parking guys to hand out tickets.

    That said, i've never had a problem parking in little out of the way places - my favourites are those a fair way away from entrances and where cars and trolleys can't get to.

    Your only general rule: stay away from areas where people may get upset and push yer bike over or just plain ignorant people will stub out their ciggies on yer seat!
  3. That's intesesting... I know knox has no problem with bikes, there's several large areas to park in the "ozone" complex, they must figure that it is more worthwhile to have a bike there with a person spending money then losing their business.
    Afaik Eastland has no problem, either.
    Anyone gotten any word from southland management?
  4. I park at Southland on the footpath near the entrance where you go to the NAB bank...there are stands for pushies there and so i park next to them. There usually are a cupla other bikes there..especially at weekends.

    In the past I have asked the ladies in Customer service (upstairs 2nd floor) if that was ok..and they have said yes just don't park out from the building and block the footpath

    if any ol'fart had a go at me about it..I would tell ém I have spoken to centre staff and its ok...so get stuffed :twisted:

  5. I haven't heard of any issues about bike parking at any of the major shopping centres - I'd just ignore him.

    As long as you're not obstructing anything or anyone then the centres generally wouldn't be worried.
  6. In a situation like that I personally think you are best off stating that it is legal to park a motorbike on the footpath, If the shopping center management has issue it would be fair for a representative of the shopping center to make comment, but it is not legal to stop and abuse people in the street.
    By pointing out your legal right, pointing out that he has no right to interfear with that, and pointing out that what he is doing is not legal he is likely to back off. And even if it is not true, you will have sowed a seed of doubt in his mind, so he would be likely to back off anyway
  7. See this is why we need legalised euthanasia - so that old people don't have to try and start fights with riders instead.
  8. VicRoads info states bikes are meant to be parked as close to the kerb as practicle without impeeding peds.
    That said, ignore the old phart.
  9. Tell 'em... ter get stuft.

  10. as its private property i spose you could park it in the disabled parking cause I don't think they can even enforce any of the signs.
    Think of them more as suggestions. :grin:
  11. The council can't but the police can and do! (and so they should too!)
  12. Private land such as shopping centres with appropriate signage can be enforced. As long as you are not causing an obstruction you can park on the path. That said, you cannot if there is a sign stating no motorcycle parking (as long as it is a sign in the road rules schedule). I'd also check local council bylaws as they can get you there too.

    There's a spot opposite the cinemas in knox ozone where bikes used to park all the time, but since signs have been erected, no one does it.
  13. Were you parked near the building, or the curb?

    I park near the downstairs food court entrance at knifepoint often, never had a prob.
  14. tell the no-it-all prick to go fcuk himself.
    If there isnt a "no Parking sign" ( with a box under it that says AREA)
    then he can bite your arse.

    I hate arseholes like that , it happened to me once in a shopping centre , some prick started gobbing off about why I wasnt parking in the carpark .

    Then on the way out , ride up to his car , get your side cutters out and cut the valves out of his tyres.
  15. Enforced by whom? Private security (Chubb, ISS, etc.) or police and council parking officers?

    If the footpath parking laws are state based, ie. Vicroads or whatever, then how can a local council have a law that contravenes those of a higher authority?

    I was of the opinion that any carpark, whether private or publicly owned, was subject to the state's road rules and hence, were enforcable by the state's police or where applicable, local council officers. So, if there is a law that says that we can park our bikes on the footpaths, how then, can someone turn around and say "no, sorry, but you can't park there"?
  16. My understanding is that the centre needs to have some paperwork authorising council and police to enforce the laws in their car park. Many centres don't, which is why you rarely get booked at a shopping centre, instead getting little notes from management if you're doing the wrong thing.
    So there are two scenarios-
    a) they have the agreement and parking on the footpath is under the same reg's as everywhere else.
    b) they don't have the agreement in which case you can park where you want, speed and do burnouts, or practice your stunting if you want and nobody can do anything other than kick you off the property!
  17. Very wrong triway,

    Hooning type offences occur anywhere, meaning you can have your bike siezed doing mono's in your driveway!

    As far as privately owned shopping centres and their carparks go, they are completely enforceable. check out the definition of road related area in the road rules.


  18. if the private facility wants to have a section enforce parking laws ( ie traffic control etc) they first have to have all the correct signage , then there people have to do training on what constatutes a law , breaking a law and the differant offenses.

    They are still booked under victorian road laws ( state road laws) .

    as for Martins question , if they display the appropriate parking signs ( area signs or no motorcycle etc ) regardless of footpath parking rules they dont applie and you can be booked.

    Take the airport terminal footpath , out the front of the reserve bank in town etc , you cant footpath park in either of those places.
  19. Police and parking inspectors have the authority to do so, council by laws can be added for specific areas or purposes.
  20. Can you tell me which law/regulation applies on my private property? What about all those people who drive unregistered vehicles on farms? I think you're wrong about that, but happy to be shown otherwise....