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[VIC] Parking at F1

Discussion in 'VIC' started by sparrow_34, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Is there anywhere set aside for motorcycle parking at the F1?

    Want to work out if it is worth taking the bike.

  2. why don't you just park yourself on the lounge in front of a big TV and see ALL the race?
  3. .... Yep the buses were good last year. We parked in a central car park in melb and got the bus to the venue.

    Looking forward to going again real soon :)
  4. tv at home - your own food at good decent prices, your own cheap beer etc, you can mute it if you want a nap or turn it off, you see all the crashes in slow mo replay, you've got a comfy couch to sit on, you don't have to worry about sunburn or heavy rain...

    but it's up to you.
  5. riding a bike down from gold coast to see f1? hope it's got a motor in it!
    ...lowercase- i went to the 09 moto gp- it was raining early on in the day but i still got so sunburnt i think i was fully radioactive for at least a few days after... not great...
    i will be watching this years race on tv. i've only been to one f1 race day, but i think it is a "must do" kind of thing- even if you're not a huge fan of f1.
    don't forget your ear plugs !!!
  6. Better update my profile.I am living in Melbourne now.
    Thanks for all the tips to watch it on the telly, ya fun suckers :grin:
  7. Hey, I never said to watch it on TV :p

    Haven't been to F1 yet.. might at some stage go, but not likely.

    Also... ear plugs? Why? GP, Airshow, and F1 are better enjoyed without them! :D
  8. ... Pardon!!... Did you say something??....:D
  9. Well, no he didn't actualy, he typed something :)
  10. That's right.

    However it's not like you go deaf from hearing a bike / F1 car / F16 go past for one lap. It's awesome to have the sound, the feeling in your stomach, and the smell. At least that's what I think.

    I do wear earplugs on my bike though :D
  11. Have you ever seen F1 traffic? If you have no intention of drinking ride there - Just park on the sidewalk of a side street.
  12. since no one has been of help lately, here is what you need to know

    Yes, there is bike parking.. but try to get there earlier so your don't miss out on the close spots.

    From Fitzroy Street, turn onto Lakeside Drive and follow till you see all the bikes on the left. There is a road that veers left (Village Green Drive) and you can park on the grass. Its the closest you are going to get.


    I went in 2009 and that where I parked, along with a heap of other bikes. That is where the traffic controllers will direct you to go
  13. Thanks for the info.
  14. Just drive around the local streets. I found heaps of parking on the sunday in the nearby streets. I got a park 2 blocks away over near the turns 7 and 8 (near the golf course). There is parking simply because people dont consider driving, but i was very suprised lat year.
    Ear plugs should be banned!
  15. No one drives because of the parking restrictions.

    From the GP Website.


    The best thing to do is leave the car at home!

    Park in one of the 70,000 car spaces in the City and catch the FREE GP EXPRESS TRAM SERVICES to the Circuit.

    Restricted Parking
    Grand Prix Patrons (non residents) will NOT be permitted to park close to Albert Park. Special Permits will be required to enter selected residential areas near the Grand Prix Circuit. ILLEGALLY PARKED VEHICLES WILL BE SUBJECT TO HEAVY FINES AND/OR TOWAWAYS. Access will be maintained to local shops and businesses. BUSINESSES WILL BE TRADING AS USUAL FOR THE FOUR DAYS OF THE EVENT.
  16. Is there anywhere to leave all the gear, as I will be taking me daughter on saturday and son on sunday I do not what to carry around 2 helmets 2 jackets and a backpack all day?????
  17. Do you have helmet locks on your bike?
  18. Unfortunatly no :censored:
  19. Well maybe you can find two other netriders who do? I know I'd offer up one of mine if I was going - it just means you have to go when they go :p Or you could just take public transport ;)

    Alternatively if you have a wire-lock you can wire lock them to the bike.