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[VIC] Parking at Etihad (Docklands)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AngryAnt, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Hey kids, going to the sokka tonight at Etihad and want to ride the bike. Tips on good parking places close to the ground?

    And do you have to check your helmet in? You have to do this at AAMI park.

  2. Anywhere really. I'd park a block away on the footpath and walk over the bridge over the railway line (the street that has the tram). If you want right at the ground I'd park on the other side near the water. (Is that New Quays? Dont you just love my city knowledge?). There's normally other bikes around. I've never seen any kicked over.

    Whack the helmet in a backpack. I never get bag checked. I'm the one to give the drugs to hehe
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  3. Awesome thanks Aly Girl
  4. Do not park near gates or exits of fans, I have seen over the years the tension between fans especially adelaide and Sydney, that after the game bikes were kicked over, cars jumped on and BMW's having their windscreen wipers pulled off, especially outside southern cross
  5. Answering my own question, had no trouble taking helmets into the stadium but they were in slip-on helmet bags, dunno if this made a difference.