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[VIC] Palmers Rd exit, Princes Fwy - a mecca for tools

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by El Damo, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. The southern part of the new Palmers Rd extension in Point Cook has recently opened, and so far it is proving to be a mecca for some of the least competent drivers in Melbourne.

    First, a quick(ish) explanation of the current state of the new road:

    The Northernmost entry point for the new section of road is the exit on the Southbound side of the Princes Fwy (i.e. heading from Melbourne towards Geelong). Traffic exiting the freeway at that point can only turn left onto Palmers Rd (towards Dunnings Rd). The northern section is not yet open.

    Driving along the first part of the exit ramp, a quick glance upwards lets you see if there is any traffic approaching from the North (as there may be once the full extension is complete, but not now). Coming onto the final part of the exit, before you actually turn on to Palmers Rd, it only takes a quick glance to the right to confirm that there is nothing approaching from that direction (which there shouldn't be anyway).

    So to summarise so far:
    - if you're using the freeway exit you can only turn left.
    - nothing should be approaching from your right
    - there is plenty of opportunity to confirm that there is, in fact, nothing approaching from your right before you reach the turn.
    - there's no stop sign, so coming to a complete stop is not required by law

    Despite all this, every time I've seen another car use that exit they all do the same thing - come to a complete stop where the ramp meets the road, then sit there for about 5 seconds looking for ....what?!
    Is there a family of ducks walking back and forth across the road which is invisible only to me?
    Are aliens firing a stupid-ray at approaching drivers and I'm just lucky that they've missed me so far?

    If you are one of those tools who feels compelled to come to a complete stop at that point, would you mind explaining why?

    I'm still trying to decide which of these two instances was more annoying - being stuck behind a queue of 4 tools who each did the same thing - wait until the car in front was completely around the corner before moving at all, move up to the line, come to a complete stop, sit there for a few seconds, then move slowly around the corner; or being immediately behind someone who looked as if they might make the turn without stopping, but at the last possible moment slammed on her brakes (I did see the driver, and it was a woman), came to the usual completely unnecessary stop and sat there looking at nothing. It was probably just as well that she stopped - otherwise she might have ran over the invisible ducks.

    The few times I've used that exit and not been behind someone (therefore just continue around the turn without stopping) I'll see the person behind me come to a stop ...and sit there. Surely there must be at least one other person who uses that road who doesn't feel compelled to make unnecessary stops?

    Oh, and the fun doesn't stop once these idiots get around the turn and onto Palmers Rd itself. It is a brand-new road. Good surface, good visibility of traffic approaching from side-streets. Flat, straight, and the posted limit is 70Kph. So of course everyone drives down that road at ... 40Kph, even as low as 30Kph. Once again, no apparent reason for it.

    If they want to go that slowly, why not take Point Cook Rd which is slow-moving anyway? Why bugger up what should be a perfectly good, free-flowing road for ... the one of me? (I was going to say 'the rest of us', but on the evidence I've seen so far 'the one of me' is more appropriate)

  2. ah rats, I thought they'd opened and new Supercheap franchise there :LOL:.
  3. This sounds exactly like what happened on Mount Ousley Road when they extended the uni exit all the way to the previous on ramp. No need to stop, just go around the fun tight hairpin and go. Yet every idiot just stopped like they were still waiting for a gap in the traffic.

    Funnily enough they tended to move when i sounded my stebel at em :LOL:

    Now they've put additional markers that stick up out of the road on the lines, so it's clearer to the idiots what they need to do.
  4. This is kind of like people who stop at a left turn at an intersection with traffic lights and look for turning traffic, when teh traffic is already flowing through the intersection in such a way that there CAN BE NO traffic to look for! All it takes is a quick glance approaching the intersection...but no...stop, have a good gawk at all teh traffic blocking anything turning in front of you, then go.............

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Im with you on this one !

    No 1 on my most hated list :evil: :LOL:
  6. There's one near my place. Check out the awesome diagram!


    So the blue path is my path, coming onto a divided road and turning right. The red arrows show that the 'first road' crossed is one way to the left and then you hit the one way bit heading right.

    The green squiggles indicate fairly tall bush all around, so you can't see anything until you're in the intersection.

    I try to avoid looking left at the first intersection, 'cos I know there can't be anyone coming from that way. Except...

    What about kids on their pushbikes, who are often stupid in their lane choices? What about someone running from the cops on the wrong side of the road? What about someone drunk or stoned? Or whose car has broken down and started rolling backward and they've panicked.

    Not *much* chance of any of those things, of course, but the possibility usually still makes me give it a cursory glance.
  7. Jeez, this is what we're talking about. no need to stop, just cut the second apex a bit tighter, hit it as about 80 kph, problem solved...


    (Personally, if theres a more then reasonable chance of oncoming idiots, stop and look. (or at least slow down a bit). Idiots doing illegal turns and emergency vehicles tend to leave big dents (cyclists, slightly smaller ones, and stains))

  8. Exactly. On this particular bit of road there is plenty of opportunity to see anything that might be coming from either direction. So far I've never seen the need to stop there (other than to avoid driving up the back of some idiot who has stopped for no reason). If someone feels they must stop, because maybe they saw a dog/bike/pram/family of ducks, then it only needs to be the briefest pause - not a good five seconds of remaining stationary while staring at nothing.

    I've seen some of these cars around and (assuming the same drivers), they are the same people who'll accelerate from 30Kph in a 50Kph zone with curves, to 60Kph in a 40Kph school zone, because the school is on a straight bit of road. So why can they not drive at 70Kph (or reasonably close to it) on a flat, straight road which is clearly signposted at 70Kph?
  9. I think the most important two words in El Damo's post are -

    The fact it has opened recently means that people are getting to know the new bit of road and may not normally drive down that far on the freeway to get home (perhaps they usually use the "Aviation Rd" exit) and as such haven't driven past it every day and seen the progress of the bridge building and associated roadworks and got to know the layout as a result.

    Or they could just be a tool looking for a Supercheap store to go to :rofl:

    (love your work Hornet)