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[VIC] Paintball, Sat Nov 8th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Holly

    I feel the need to shoot stuff so I'm organising a paintball afternoon.

    Paintball - Carrum Downs
    45 Highview Road,
    Skye Vic 3977

    Kick off at 1pm Sharp.

    $50 per person (200 paintballs inc. and $20 for every additional 100)

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  2. Who's interested?

    I have a few people from another site coming too so you may not recognise all the nicks

    Holster - Paid*
    MadStu - Paid*
    TruCallin - Paid*
    StabbyTMP +3 - Paid*
    Sarz +1 - Paid*
    vladpp - Paid*
    donski1 - Paid*
    Ezer +3 - Paid*
    rodcar +3 - Paid*
    gyro - Paid*
    Isle of Cam - Paid*
    GOOSH - Paid*
    Kurtz - Paid*
    jazzthechef - Paid*
  3. i could be real interested. where the hell is sky?

    if we want numbers let me know.. i can possibly get a few people.
  4. The place is in Currum Downs / Skye

    according to their ste:
    40km from the city
    10 minutes from Dandenong
    5 minutes from Frankston
  5. heck yeah! never been to paintball... drop me down as a maybe.... provided when it gets close i'm free i'll be there with bells on! will confirm closer:)
  6. cool. for those that havent played before, put aside an extra $60 - $100 for extra rounds. depending on how many maps you play, and how itchy your trigger finger is its possible you'll go through a few. yes it hurts. yes it washes out. ill let you know closer to the date but i should be right for this.
  7. Can't wait. It should be a great afternoon. See you all there.
  8. Let me give you some tips then noob.

    1-it HURTS, be ready for that!
    2- Wear thick clothes, like fleecy trackpants/jumper(x2), beanie and high neck skivvy, it makes it hurt less.
    3- it hurts
    4- it hurts

    That is all.
  9. :LOL: @ triway
    Thats easy to avoid... dont get hit ;)

    When I went I only got hurt once with a paintball... copped me on the back of the leg, just above the knee... you know, the real stingy place... all AFTER i was already shot and walking off, gun in the air... :roll: :LOL:
  10. 5-harden up

    it hurts but its fun, you are scared of the first hit but after that the adrenaline is there and you dont notice it.

    so here i was having heard about this on "another" forum and im thinnking about inviting the people from this forum only to see its already done! no fair, the net is such a small place. alsofunnily enough, the day before this a have a packmarch and the monday after i have a fitness test. new rule, please dont shoot me, i will already be very sore!

    /random collection of mixed thoughts
  11. Now if that's not an invitation to be shot :)
  12. oh you're so going down now you said that, and highlighting my poor use of the spacebar too!
  13. ive bled from paintballs. admittedly it was from near on point blank round to my front hand.. which i dont recommend. ive had bruises for weeks.. yeah it hurts.. but you get used to it pretty quick and can work around it. its not debilitating in any way.

    any else been shot in the mask.. stuff tastes like shyte.
  14. This is really close to my house, I'm really tempted to come.
  15. hi Holly you contacted me on facebook count me in and maybe a few moor thanks rod it only hurts in the morning and only once
  16. yeah, been hit in mask, tastes terrible, last time we went, there was a wierdo there who did a deal, he ate (inc. chewing) 5 paintballs and we have him 300. it was worth it!
  17. Add me as a maybe...
  18. If I am not workin then all good, i have not had a go at paint ball in just under 21years.. seems a long time ago now!!!
  19. put me down as a maybe at this point. im very interested but must make sure.

    +1 for the extra $100. 1 capsule will last 1, maybe 1 and a half stages if your like me :p

    i have only ever been to the echuca one a few times (before it was legalised in victoria). does this place provide overalls??


    bring a cup. yes it is painful only the first hit, and yes the rest will only hurt for 5 seconds, but a hit downstairs will hurt no matter how much adreneline you have running through you :(
  20. Wear full bike gear + overalls?