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[VIC] P Plate 12 month restrictions

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by slinky, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. I have just moved over from NZ, i have a full car and motorcycle licence, However i have not had it for 3 years since my 18th Birthday (im 20) so i can't get a full VIC license - that, i understand.

    The restrictions for a motorcycle license say for the first 12 months i can have no BAC, cannot carry a pillion and cannot ride a bike over 260cc.
    It then says for a P-Plate, aswell as the first 12 month restrictions i also must display a P-Plate for the full period i have my P license and have no BAC.

    Does this mean that even on P's i can ride a bike over 260cc after the 12 month period? The way i read it on the website - i think i can.

    I rang VIC roads to clarify and the guy said no, i have to wait until I have a full VIC license before i can ride a bike over 260cc ...................... the only thing is i don't believe him[he didn't seem very sure of himself] - or i don't want to believe him - im not that keen on going back to an overpriced 250.

    Im going to ring again and see what someone else says - but could i have some of your facts and/or opinions.

  2. P plate period and the E restriction (260cc, pillion) are two different things.

    Look at the date next to the E on your licence, on that day you can go jump on a Turbo Busa. Even if you have your P's. You must still display a P plate and become cop bait, but who cares.

    It's ridiculous. You're not allowed anywhere near most V8's, but you can jump on a bike 3 times as quick.

    Stupidity to the max..
  3. From the link you provided:

    Riding your motorcycle

    If you are issued with a motorcycle licence/learners permit you are required:

    to wear an approved helmet while riding
    carry your licence/learner permit at all times while riding the motorcycle

    A person issued with a motorcycle licence for the first time will have the following restrictions placed on their licence for 12 months from the date the motorcycle licence is issued:

    you cannot ride a motorcycle with an engine capacity exceeding 260 cubic centimetres
    you must not ride a motorcycle while carrying a pillion passenger (a motorcycle and sidecar is acceptable with a passenger)
    you must have a zero blood alcohol concentration (BAC) when riding a motorcycle

    Riding on a learner permit
    Including the above restrictions, after you get your learner permit you can ride your motorcycle under the following addtional conditions. When riding you must -

    display your 'L' plate on the back of your scooter or motorcycle
    not tow a trailer behind your motorcycle

    Riding on a Probationary Licence
    Including the above restrictions, if you are issued with a probationary motorcycle licence, the following restrictions apply until the end of your probationary period:

    display a 'P' plate on the rear of the motorcycle only
    zero BAC

    I think you are ok after 12 months :wink: If you are on a probationary car license with a bike endorsement.
  4. Sorry, not sure what you mean there?

    I have no VIC license as yet. I do have an NZ Full car and motorcycle license. Because im not 21 i can't get a full VIC license.
    So when i change my license over im hoping they won't give me the 12 month restriction.
    Reason being i have a nice 750 lined up
  5. Just keep your NZ licence until your 21 dude.
  6. Mrs 2wheelsagain's NZ license was swapped for a VIC license, no questions asked. All her endorcements and notations were reprinted on her VIC license. If yours has no restrictions you will be the same. A full lic is a full lic mate.
  7. But how old was Mrs 2wheelsagain's when she did that? Thats the point he is making as he is only 20.
  8. just keep driving on your international license. GOt an indian mate whos gotten insurance any everything, no questions asked, with his intl license.
  9. That guy was 100% wrong and should know better than two anwer questions when he has no idea what he's talking about.

    After you have held your licence for 12 months you can ride any size bike you like and carry pillions. If you're still on P's when your 12month restrictions end you'll still need zero BAC and must display a P plate. If you choose to put your P plate on a Busa, there's no problem with that. :)
  10. This:
    Eligibility to qualify for a full Victorian licence
    You must have held an interstate or NZ licence for at least three years from your 18th birthday to obtain a full Victorian licence. Any period where you have been disqualified from driving either in Victoria, interstate or in NZ, is excluded when calculating the period of time you have held a licence. If you have held a driver licence for three years or more, but have no evidence of this, you will need to make a declaration stating such on your application form.

    From HERE

    The question you need to ask is how do you convert a license if you have been on the road less than three years.

    I still say if you have a full license you should be hnded a full VIC license.
    If you get no joy on te phone front up to a counter and ask. Still no luck speak to a manager.

    nightgash: 30's but it was still a straight swap.
  11. As before.
    Why screw around. Just keep your NZ licence for the next X months unitil you turn 21. :roll:
  12. Because he'd be driving/riding on an "invalid" license after 3 months, which carrys a hefty fine and potentially more strife than what its worth.
  13. Mate, if you jump up and down enough, to the RTA Minister (if there is one?) or someone similar, you should be able to argue your case (cause I couldn't handle jumping back onto a 250 either)
  14. Ive been on the road well over 3 years, and i would have had a full license for 3 years at the beginning of november, but, i am still only 20 - the rule is that i have to have had the full for 3 years from my 18th birthday.
    If what seany says is right - i should be ok, so long as they don't say i have to ride for 12 months first. But im sure they would consider 5 years of riding in NZ.
    im on holiday for the next 2 weeks - will change it over when i get back and let you guys know how i get on.
    Cheers for all the responses.