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[VIC] Overnighter to Mt Hotham, Sat Feb 14th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jason (Mouth)

    An overnight, 2 day ride from Melbourne to Mt Hotham, and back to Melbourne.

    And as it's the Valentines Day weekend, it's a perfect ride to either bring your loved one, leave your loved one at home, or ride your loved one :)

    When: Sat Feb 14th an...

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  2. Each day is approx. 450 km riding distance.

    Day 1:

    Day 2:
  3. Post in this topic (or PM me) if you wish to come. I will add you to the list, and send you a PM with payment details. As noted in the calendar entry, it's $30pp for the accom, and will need to be deposited/paid to me in advance by Tue 20th so I can finalise numbers and make the booking. Thanks.

    Who's Coming:
    1. Mouth (payment received, and refunded)
    2. PNuckle (maybe)
    3. Bamm-Bamm (payment received, and refunded)
    4. Shambles (payment received, and refunded)
    5. Deadman + Sue (payment received, and refunded)
    6. Wal (payment received, and refunded)
    7. Clarkie (payment received)
    8. Lil (payment received)
    9. Stookie (payment received)
    10. MV (payment received, and refunded)
    11. Mrs MV (payment received, and refunded)
    12. Blackman (payment received, and refunded)
    13. Nibor (payment received, and refunded)
    14. firefling (payment received, and refunded)
    15. ratbag (payment received, and refunded)
  4. 5. Deadman
  5. i was going to say i am a maybe but you need deposits by the 20th.....it's a about a week after i get back on the bike, and not sure i will be right to ride that far straight off :(
  6. Hi Jason
    please count me in,and pm your acc. #
    thanking you

    cheers wal
  7. Bugger :(
    It's only 450km per day with an overnight rest break, and I think you'd be OK as it won't be fast speeds etc, mostly touring speeds. But of course your call.
  8. I will put the money in the bank today,
  9. No more takers for this trip?

    Is everyone 'hen pecked' for Valentine's Day and/or can't bring the SO?
  10. I'd love to go, but I'll be very busy with work around that time...
  11. I'm thinking about it but it's still like a month away. I don't think that far ahead :LOL: Also got a pretty schedule happening for the next 2 weeks. Will let you know by start of Feb whether we can make it or not (if spots are still available :))
  12. count me in on this. pm me acc details :grin:
  13. Sounds like a good trip. But on that weekend I'm heading to Tintaldra on the Friday, then on Saturday across to Merimbula for the night. Looking forward to getting away too, as I haven't been on a decent ride since August.
  14. As per #3 post, need to know by Tue 20th so can make booking.
  15. Oh sorry, a bit tired and missed that bit. Hmm...will let you know on the Tuesday then. :)
  16. I would do the overnight to Hotham,but I'm doing this ride with mjt57..... I promise I won't cause too much trouble Marty. LOL
  17. Ride 14th Feb

    In case you are concerned about the condition of the roads we are travelling on,
    I did this run last weekend, and the condition of the roads all the way are excellent, Good twisties and straights combined,
    Lilydale to Lilydale, Round trip, 900 klms,
    Excellent scenery on the way, so bring your camera.
  18. That's alright. Borgy and Frendo will more than make up for it...

  19. I'll speak to Jay...we might be able to do this as I should be Mon - Fri 9 - 5 by then :shock: :grin: :grin:
  20. I reckon me & the missus will be in, send me over the bank details.