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[VIC] Overnighter in East Vic, Sat May 2nd

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Tim Doyle

    I am going on an overnighter looking to take something like this route http://tinyurl.com/c5a2hl

    Planning on camping at North Ensay Camping ground.

    I am new to Melb/Vic so I'll spend a lot of the time looking at a map ;) so if you want to come al...

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  2. i am a maybe i am going to see what the weather does first though
  3. Excellent trip. I might join you, Depends on the weather.
    But watch for snow on Mt Hotham.
    After you leave Bairnesdale, turn left and go through Benworden, It is better than the slab between Bairesdale and sale. 90 klms of almost dead straight slab and totally boring,
  4. Don't worry. All the bad weather is happening this weekend ;) Next weekend will be cool but not cold, sunny, and dry!

    Thanks for the tips. Hope you can both make it.

  5. you underestimate melbourne's weather :p

    i'd be interested, but depends on funds and the fact i know i cannot keep up with the likes of deadman :LOL:
  6. If weather is fine and i can get friday night off work im a maybe.
  7. I dont expect you to keep up with me and my Missile, Ash, But as you know, I do stop and wait for you, at various places.
  8. What sort of price we looking at for camping grounds? Also what sort of stuff do we need to bring or are we staying in cabins?
  9. Just to be clear we will leave Saturday. But I assume you mean so that you are not tired for the ride.
  10. As usual we'll all be riding at our own pace and not trying to keep up with anyone. (Fun police out! :LOL: )

    But yeah, have as much fun as you want... but wait for the rest of us at the corner ;-)
  11. Thats main thing will be furked after 12 hour shift driving truck. Should have a answer by monday if im in or out.
  12. I think it is like $10 pp pn. I'm keeping it real basic, a tent, small self inflatable mattress (no HTFU calls!), kero camp stove for just add water camp food for dinner and coffee in the morning, something WARM to sleep in, sleeping bag, maybe a couple of drinks (but you gotta carry everything so a carton might be out of the question.

    The camp site in Ensay is near the general store and they are open Sat and Sun all day (I rang them Friday) so you could probably get most food stuff there (and fuel). I'll also take some muesli bar breakfast etc.

    I reckon we stop in Mansfield possibly Myrtleford for fuel also (I think they should have some - anyone know for sure?)

    I think that's mostly it. All I can think of for now, anyway.

    It's only one night so really just think eating stuff, sleeping stuff.

    See you,
  13. Camp book tells me the pub and store is walking distance from the campground. So we could go to the pub for dinner assuming they have a counter meal or something.

  14. Hey deadman. 12 inch risers!!! Are you kidding me? I can't wait to see those things! That's awesome :LOL: .
  15. i know mate, and appreciate the breaks! :) (though im sure you enjoy the smokes at the same time :LOL: )

    depending on the weather n if i can find a suitable tent i can carry on my little 250, ill be very interested (anyone got a little tent i can borrow?:p )

    myrtleford definately has fuel, it's a decent sized town.

  16. This just on the vic roads website:

    VicRoads advises the Great Alpine Road is closed at Harrietville until further notice.

    This information is not necessarily 'real time' information due to the nature of weather that can change quite quickly. VicRoads is working closely with all parties to ensure road closure information is as accurate as possible. Motorists should listen to local radio for the most up-to-date information.
    If you require information about the current snow situation please visit the Bureau of Meteorology (www.bom.gov.au).
  17. Hmmm. OK. Will keep an eye on that. Could from Myrtleford, to Running Creek, Mt Beauty, Falls Creek, Omeo. I think?? From Falls Creek to Shannonvale might be dirt though? We'll see.

    Closed due to snow and fallen trees, so Falls Creek road could be similar. If need be we can around on C543.
  18. From what I hear, the road from Falls to Shannonvale has now been sealed (Haven't been up to look for myself though).

    Falls got about 10cm of snow today I think. The web cams show a decent cover there so it's safe to say that road won't be much good to you either. http://ski.com.au/snowcams/australia/vic/fallscreek/fallscreek1.html

    Remember though that these are the first falls of the season and are more than likely to have melted by the time you go. I think there's more crappy weather predicted which could add to the cover but if you keep an eye on the bom and check the cameras ar www.ski.com.au you'll be able to make an informed guess.

    Myrtleford and Mansfield both have fuel. Before going over Hotham, I would fill up at Bright as I know Harrietville has fuel but I'm not sure about premium there. Mt Beauty will cover your fuel needs if you choose to go via Falls. :)
  19. Wayne/Albury/from a mate's again here.

    The Little River Inn at Ensay North has three rooms with a whole lot of bunks for $30 a night with breakfast. Plus there's a long shed to park bikes in. It's a good spot and once the 7 and a half locals finish tea you have the place pretty much to yourself unless other travellers are booked in. Chris and Linda are tops, and staying there again the weekend before last was like staying at someone's larger than average house. The Inn is 5157 3311 if anyone wants to look at bunking there.