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[VIC] Overnight ride to Gippsland, Sat May 6th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Bron

    This will be a novice friendly ride, and is a fairly easy one, but all riders are welcome. (this same route was my first BIG ride after a week on my learners)

    Sat May 6th 10.00am for a 10.30 departure
    York on Lilydale Hotel Carpark (Montrose on the...

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  2. An update on attendees:

    Chris R & Tracy
    Sue & Dion
    Rod G & Sue
    caz 3064
    TAZMAN +1 (again)

    17 now, I will keep updating the list as people confirm,


  3. Bump....

    Any more takers? I have until Friday 21st now to confirm numbers....... but I do need a $20 deposit per head.... PM for bank account details

  4. Bump bump.....

    There is still spots available for this ride... but I need names by Friday 21st.

    Its a fantastic ride & a great end destination,

  5. Xena, sounds like a brilliant route... i did part of it good friday... and if it's done at a casual lope in good weather, then definitely novice friendly...

    Tara valley is gorjus.

    In the noojee leg, beware gravel in corners and if wet or cold, slippery roads! [tends to get foggy and dewed up when the temperature drops]

    Have a blast. Sounds like it'll be a hoot. :)
  6. i got that weekend off
    are there any spots left??
  7. Think so mate just pm bron I reeckon would be your best bet :grin:
  8. Still a few spots left people, PM me if you are interested............

  9. Thanks for the deposits boys & girls... all are locked and loaded.... we still have 4 bunks left if there are any last minute takers...

  10. PM's sent to all with details for gear drop off on Friday night if needed - PLEASE ring me if you are dropping gear on Friday night, otherwise it can be thrown in the ute at York on Lilydale on Sat morning.

    Reminder list:

    - full tanks please
    - WARM riding gear
    - SLEEPING BAGS (or doona if you must)
    - TOWEL

    Coffee & fuel stops along the way, buy your own lunch Sat & Sun.

    Big BBQ dinner Sat night & bacon & eggs brekky next day (vegetarians sorted too) - pub run into Yarram for supplies on arrival Sat arvo.

    See you all Sat morning

  11. Wooooo Hoooooo
    only 3 more sleeps :) :) :)
  12. Due to a couple of last minute drop outs, we still have 4 bunk beds free.

    Any last minute takers?
  13. Now 6 spots free.... Anyone that wants to come, PM me, and we we will see you at the meet point....

    Dont let a little bit of cool weather put you off... there is a HUGE fire waiting for us when we get there...
  14. I'd be keen to join the ride, it would be the first with this club (having only just joined) - just a matter of meeting tomorrow morning and paying up?
  15. Cold wheather hightens the senses so its harder to crash :LOL: :LOL:
    It will definatly be a good weekend I cant wait :cool:
  16. Vlewis, I imagine so, gear drop off is tonight if you need to do so. Maybe PM Bron or if you can't get onto her, PM me and I'll give you her no.

    Actually can do 1 better, I'll PM you her no. now
  17. One more sleep to go :)
  18. We have had another drop out... so yep... show up in the morning and pay up... 10.00am for a 10.30 departure... bring a mate or 2 if you want....


  19. I have convinced my brother to come along so it will be me +1 again :)

    Im looking forward to it I havnt been out that way for about 25 years so it will be fun may even shoot into Seaspray and check out the old Primary School :)
  20. Last chance people.... York on Lilydale at Montrose... 10.00am... full tanks please

    We have room for last minute stragglers