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[VIC] Overnight Ride to Bright, Sat Jul 14th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Mitch

    Hey all,

    Yes, this ride is going to stick and DEFINATELY happen... haha.

    Leave Melbourne on the 14th - 8:30am from a to be determined location. The plan it to ride to Bright and then spend the night there hanging out, drinking and bench racing......

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  2. I'm getting a chill just reading about this ride. No thanks. :wink:
  3. I'll might be up for this depending on the weather.....
    wether its cold or not!!!!!!
  4. Hey all,

    Yes, the ride is still going ahead. Even if I go alone I will still be going. Went absolutely made this weekend being unable to ride...

    And, guess what.... My JasJam mobile phone fell into the toilet.. :cry: :cry:

    So, let it dry and its workign again..... Must have been the fact that it landed on a floatie.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Anyways..... Accommodation is sorted. I have three rooms sorted in the centre of town - yes, the pig pub..... So, let me know who wants to come along.

    So far;
    Me :grin:
    I Adore Vic
  5. So frm time to time you cld be accused of "talking shit" & it wldn't be too far frm the truth then... :p
    Thanks for the invite, sorry I'm unable to come along.
  6. Any idea on accommodation price mate?

    Sorry I'm asking questions late but haven't been on much lately. :)
  7. $60 a room Seany, each room has a double bed and 2 singles.
  8. I doubt I'd get that lucky. :LOL:

    I'm happy to share if people can put up with my snoring :)

    Will confirm later in the week. The snow's tempting and stuff too :)
  9. Any decision on a departure point yet?
  10. I'll probably meet you all at the hotel :) :grin:
  11. No departure point still :cry:

    I am not keen on riding up to Bright alone, in what may turn out to be poor conditions....
    so I'll sit this one out. Have fun folks.
  12. I can't make it, but Caz, aren't you riding with Skuffy? Why would you be alone? :)
  13. Sorry guys - I can't do this either. Stuff's happened and I really don't want to head away from here...

    You're all welcome to come down to the Island for the wknd though! :grin: Girls are at their Dads and there's three spare bedrooms downstairs. Would be nice to have some company :)
  14. bit hard without a departure point :LOL:
  15. :shock: Ride to Bright huh :? your keen Caz. Bright+winter+snow=Mt Hotham&car :driver: +sking and :dance: . Well it did last weekend at least :wink:
  16. If I wasn't riding at the spur tomorrow I would have come to play on the island. Another time. :)
  17. That's alright...I'm gonna have plenty of weekends with absolutely zero to do. <--- That's me feeling sorry for myself.... :LOL:

    I've realised today that all I ever do when the girls are gone, is ride. Ride ride ride. lol. <--- That's me still feeling sorry for myself.... :LOL:
  18. *hugz*
    It's ok, everything will be alright. :) You're foot will heal and your bike will return and you can go back to riding. :)

    In the meantime, I'll try to get a w'end to visit and you can look at my bike instead. :LOL: Or we can just drink and smoke and not talk about bikes. I'll bring the shitbox instead so you're not reminded of riding. :LOL: :grin: